Carrying on the story: Rudy Miick FCSI on legacy

The recent passing of revered consultant and colleague Ruby Puckett FFCSI has got our columnist thinking about legacy and community within FCSI

Part of being a great consultant is the hunger for ongoing learning, then putting that learning to work. No doubt, excellence keeps evolving.  Ruby was and remains a great example for anyone of us. She was a consummate leader, learner and “applier”. Our loss with Ruby’s passing acknowledged, both legacy and community become even more relevant and important for us as FCSI members. I think this may be even more the case for our younger members, or future members not yet in the industry, 10 or 15 years from now.      

Legacy can be passive; stopped in time – “They did good work.”  We tend to look back and appreciate “a great life, a great brand, a great ‘fill in the blanks’.   However, there are those vibrant organizations that surpass the founder. We can by choice build on the legacy. Imagine, take the dynamism, skills, invention and innovation, intellect further.      

This idea of active legacy, leads me to the concept of community, in our case, professional community. Ruby is not our first amazing member to leave us. She will not be the last. For those of us who remember, ponder for a moment, Bob Pacifico, John Cini, Jim Little, Sherman Robinson, Juan Preito, Ira Beer and so many more. Each was inventive and laid the groundwork, new concepts, new approach to project management and more; lives that could fill textbooks, literally.  

I wonder how we carry on “the campfire story telling” or share the talents every one of these folks added in skill and/or breakthrough in the world of consulting. I wonder how we build on their legacy like a great company does, rather than simply accepting their passing?  There is something to share here with new consultants, with new members, about the history of and great performance, the great legacy of our members, and deep, vibrant roots of celebration in our FCSI community.  

As an organization to date, to my knowledge, FCSI has no official compilation of first’s accomplished – of invention or systems developed. Perhaps now is the time to create a legacy of learning in support of certification?

A story book or textbook, however technology supports such legacy and engaged community of professionals. Such an idea could be an asset to myriad industry focused schools as well.   

This sharing could be one more element of building on our FCSI brand, part of being a professional member. Here’s one more way we can celebrate life well lived, active community, and legacy as an outcome to build on going forward. As an FCSI member, celebrating the legacy of independence, of ethics, of business modality, and best of the best.      

Rudy Miick FCSI is the founder and president of The Miick Companies, LLC.

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