Bill Caruso FFCSI to semi-retire as consultancy announces new structure

Managed by Stephen Young FCSI and Michael Caruso, WC & Partners, PC, will transition to William Caruso & Partners, LLC

Denver, Colorado-headquartered consultancy WC & Partners, PC, has announced that its founder Bill Caruso is semi-retiring from the practice after 48 years of service. The company has transitioned with his guidance to William Caruso & Partners, LLC, and will be managed by Stephen Young and Michael Caruso.

“We are thrilled that Bill has entrusted Steve and I with his business, which has been Bill’s passion for almost his entire adult life,” says Michael Caruso, managing member and executive principal.

“Bill has given us and the industry so much over the past decades. It is wonderful that we have the opportunity to continue to work with him and be the beneficiaries of his industry knowledge,” says Young, managing member and executive principal.

Global scale

Young has been with the company for 27 years, leading and spearheading the firm’s design team. He will continue to lead the company’s creative design focus and project management. “His creative and artistic approach to design has set him and the company apart from others,” says the company in a statement.

Michael Caruso has been with the company for over two years, coming from a career in corporate finance. He started his role as the corporate controller, which quickly evolved to sharing his business acumen with customers through the company’s management advisement services (MAS) group. He will lead the company’s management advisory services (MAS) portfolio and, together with Young, will co-manage the practice.

Both, says the company have a vision of “modernizing the company, creating system efficiencies and a workplace environment that will be attractive to rising talent to insure that future clients can be serviced by the best and brightest professionals on a global scale”. That goal is to implement systems that “fully take advantage of technology and talent, focusing on a diverse and inclusive” work environment.

The right plan

“This is a wonderful evolution of the company that I started so many years ago,” says Bill Caruso. “Steve has been key to the success of the company for a very long time, and Michael has greatly assisted the firm with management and MAS work. He has shown an extraordinary gift for analysis of the many financial and managerial issues that it takes to operate a firm of this type.

“It took a while for me to feel comfortable slowing down because I had to find the right people with the right plan for the future. Steve and Michael are it, and have it. I’m not going anywhere. I will continue to advise them and the company and its clients, along with the continuation of my roles with FCSI as its Worldwide board president and chair, along with working closely with our international partners of the Iconic Hospitality Consultants Group.”

Further details

For more information, please contact:

Stephen Young

+1 303-649-1600 (ext. 204)


Michael Caruso

+1 303-649-1600 (ext. 202)

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