Innovate, change, grow: FCSI Italia to participate at Host 2021

FCSI Italia has announced it will take part at the 42nd edition of Host 2021. The show will take place simultaneously with TUTTOFOOD, an exhibition dedicated to companies operating in the agri-food system

FCSI Italia represents a point of reference for authorities, businesses, healthcare organisations, schools and universities, trade associations and public administrations. 

The Society in Italy is able to support via its consultants to organisations operating in the foodservice and hospitality segment through the design, implementation, management and control of complex processes.

FCSI Italia president Massimo Artorige Giubilesi FCSI (pictured below) says the country unit will preside over a “sustainable and safe stand,” in which visitors can host in-person meetings and view workshops featuring experts of international profile address technical-scientific, managerial and business issues on the challenges and opportunities that the entire sector is currently undergoing.

Innovative sanitation systems

The FCSI stand will be located in Hall 7 (Stand E49 E57/F50 F58) and will be the only one at the event to be equipped with an innovative sanitation system in its perimeter and internal areas, to ensure the development of the program in absolute comfort for organisers and guests.

All the events organised by FCSI Italia will be translated in simultaneous Italian and English and broadcasted via live-streaming on a dedicated channel, giving the possibility for FCSI members and additional guests to participate from distance or through a dedicated web-tv. There will also be an opportunity to viewing recordings of the events at a later time, thanks to an on-demand service.

‘Innovate, change, grow’ are the three key words that will characterise the five days of the FCSI Italia programme for Host 2021. These will be further developed by the unit with meetings divided into thematic areas that are at the centre of the global debate, to which FCSI Professional and Allied members, together with universities, institutions and market players will contribute, sharing ideas, projects and innovative visions for a new professional identity of the sector.

The first day, 22 October, will be dedicated to ‘safety’: a theme that has always been vital for the foodservice and hospitality sector, but has become even more important after the recent developments related to the Covid-19 global pandemic, as the industry moves to further ensure the safety of its dining guests.

The second day, 23 October, will be dedicated to ‘sustainability’ and new measures to be adopted in a sector disrupted by the pandemic. Foodservice and hospitality must, first and foremost, be efficient and adherent to regulations, but also respectful of the environment and operate sustainably within its relative budget.

The third day, 24 October, will be dedicated to ‘technology’ and will focus on the latest applications for improving production processes, preservation and the improvement of the shelf-life of food, with attention to solutions that prevent contamination of work environments and those open to the public.

On the fourth day, 25 October, will see ‘innovation’ discussed, linked not only to technology and infrastructure, but also to new operational and work processes, conceived and developed in this recent very particular period that requires radical changes at a cultural and managerial level.

On the fifth day, October 26th, the topic of ‘communication’ will dominate, with a focus on strategies and technologies to address distances, managing relationships with collaborators, customers and institutions with efficiency and timeliness and developing digital solutions that enhance business and corporate reputations.

This exchange of ideas for the future will alternate with other events, such as the awarding of prizes to young students of hotel institutes and higher education schools who have distinguished themselves in specific project work.

Meanwhile, the FCSI party on Sunday 24 October is an invitation-only event reserved for FCSI Professional and Allied members and representatives of government authorities, public institutions and management companies.

Further details:

For a detailed programme of events and to ensure you do not miss the opportunity to reserve your place at the above events, as well as to receive a free ticket to visit Host 2021, please visit our website, which will be constantly updated with all the news.

More information:

FCSI (Foodservice Consultants Society International) was founded in 1979 from the merger of two North American Associations: the Food Facilities Consulting Society founded in 1955 and the International Society Food Service Consultants founded in 1958.

FCSI is today the only non-profit world association operating in 46 countries grouped into three geographical areas (Europe-Africa-Middle East, North America Division, and the Asia-Pacific Division) with 1,450 independent consultants and experts in technical-scientific, managerial and economic disciplines of interest to the food chain (production, processing, distribution, catering) and to the hospitality and wellness industry.

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