FCSI whitepaper: The evolution of multifunctional equipment

Supported by Scanbox, FCSI’s special whitepaper outlines how the equipment, from cooking to storage and transportation, needs to be multifunctional in a modern foodservice operation

Multifunctional equipment is not a new trend in the commercial kitchen, but a several factors have made it an essential part of a foodservice operation in recent years.

Kitchen footprint has reduced significantly as restaurants capitalize on space to seat diners meaning they have to be smart with the use of space. Additionally a preference among guests for the theater of open kitchens has brought another demand for equipment to have the functionality and aesthetics to be used front of house as well as back of house.

This new whitepaper from FCSI, and supported by Scanbox, explores the emergence and evolution of multifunctional equipment in foodservice, detailing how it has become a requirement for operations to have the equipment that allows them to use it in different settings without worrying that it won’t be fit for purpose. Leading FCSI consultants discuss how industry has responded to changing demands.

Click on the link below to download the whitepaper The emergence and evolution of multifunctional equipment:

FCSI whitepaper, supported by Scanbox

“The multifunctional approach has really taken off, not only in cooking but also in the serving area,” says Johan Öberg Larsson FCSI of Swedish consultancy Storköksbyrån.

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