FCSI EAME 2022 conference: Accounting for carbon

Carbon measurement will be a central part of the 2022 FCSI EAME conference, as Cameron Sharpe outlines

And so, we’re finally here. It feels like a lifetime since I first wrote to outline plans for a carbon measurement project as part of what was then the 2021 FCSI EAME Conference at the Hyatt Regency in Chantilly.

After the uncertainty of the last couple of years, the project has at times felt like a distant dream, but we have finally been in a position to revisit the project first begun in October 2020 with a view towards building a comprehensive picture of conference carbon output as we all come together this weekend.

The goal now, as then, is to provide a carbon emissions benchmark for this and other events in the FCSI universe – building in part on the legacy of Clara Ming Pi FFCSI and her work at the 2008 FCSI conference in Beijing – but also formalising a method and mindset for thinking about sustainable event delivery in the future. However, we still need some final help from members to make this project a true success.

Tracking data

We’ve worked closely with the team at Hyatt to make at-conference output and wastage trackable and accurate, but the great unknown is the impact each event delegate will have in travelling to Chantilly.

This is why we need you to provide as much information about your journey to and from the conference as possible – no detail or data point is too small.

Many of you have already contributed – thank you for all of the detail shared. For those of you yet to send in your plans,  three information capture forms have been produced to accommodate different languages (EnglishFrench and German).

Time is running short, so please do what you can to fill out your version as soon as possible. If there are any questions or if you believe that there are additional areas of output not covered in the form, please grab me over the next few days or drop me a line on email (Cameron.sharpe@progressivecontent.com).

There will also be a Carbon Footprint stand situated in the Experience Centre, so please make sure to drop by and say hello.

Looking beyond 2022

That said, while there will be efforts in play to try and limit the amount of carbon output we’re responsible for at this year’s conference, this project is as much about measurement in this first instance – with the major goal being a reduction in the impact any FCSI conference might have in years to come.

Over the next few days, we’ll also reveal our plans to offset conference carbon output – introducing long-term initiatives to ensure that we’re positively compensating for what we’re emitting across the regions of the world in most need of it.

I’m really excited to see you all at Chantilly this week – drop by the Experience Centre when you get a chance.

Cameron Sharpe

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