Boyd-Stevenson: a taste of the future

In the second of her regular Foodservice Consultant blogs, FCSI UK & Ireland's Chair shares an exclusive look at what the UK has coming up over the next couple of months.

Yet another exciting couple of months for the FCSI. We have been busy with a number of big projects, which I’ve been delighted to be involved in moving forward. In particular our second foodservice report Taste of the Future 2020 and the second stage of our British Hospitality Association (BHA) Government Outsourcing and Procurement project.

Looking to the future

Last month we got stuck in to finalising and shaping our Taste of the Future 2020. This report, in conjunction with Allegra Strategies, will look at what will help to shape the future of foodservice and investigate the key trends likely to have the biggest impact on the industry by 2020. It is really taking the next step by looking further ahead and building on our 2012 report, which analysed the largest issues up to 2015.

Taste of the Future 2020 will focus on the issues that have a big impact on our industry and will look at forecasting trends that will help caterers, operators and consultants be prepared and anticipate the future of the foodservice. This year, for example, we’ve seen trends in healthier eating start to take off as a step towards securing the health of the population in the future. The report will look at predictions of what will also be influencing 2020 and the impact global issues such as the ageing population and economic challenges will have on us.

For the report we’ve teamed up with the great resources of Allegra Strategies, to survey consultants and Allegra Forum members for their views. But, this year, we’ve also been looking for input from young people in our industry. We know that the younger person’s perspective will be fundamental in shaping our industry and so we’ve engaged a group of students from the University of Westminster to give their invaluable input too. It’s been interesting to hear their different views and have new ideas thrown into the mix.

We’ve also distributed surveys for all FCSI UK members to fill out (the more we get back the better so please fill yours in if you haven’t already) and look out for the report launching at our annual Forum meeting on 15 October at the QEII Conference Centre.

Working with the BHA

As part of our ongoing relationship with BHA, we’ve been making some fantastic headway into helping influence the procurement process for Facilities Services for Government contracts. We are delighted to have successfully influenced EU level procurement processes, which will mean purchasing and procurement policies will finally be more accessible to suppliers and SMEs.

Connecting with the industry

We are also pushing forward on our ‘Pan Industry’ association initiatives with The Royal Academy Culinary Arts (RACA), British Institute of Innkeepers (BII), British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM), Craft Guild of Chefs, The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), Institute of Hospitality (IOH) and Springboard. My next blog will provide you with progress details on these initiatives specifically.

As you can see, there are many changes happening within the foodservice industry at the moment, which means exciting times ahead!


Niccola Boyd-Stevenson is chairman of FCSI UK & Ireland


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