Speakers lined up for FCSI conference Madrid 2015

Creativity and innovation is set to feature heavily on the agenda for next year’s FCSI conference in Madrid, as three of the main speakers have been announced

The conference, which will take place in the Spanish Capital from 26-29 March, will feature a talk by creativity and business expert David Gilbert, who will consider how commercial creatives, including those who work in retail and restaurants, can learn from arts creatives.

Also announced is food designer Marti Guixe. Guixe introduces his experience of architectural and interior design to the culinary world. He encourages people to think of food as an edible designed product, “that negates any reference to cooking, tradition and gastronomy”.

From the FCSI, member Pierre Nahaus is a trend expert with a special interest in discovering and implementing worldwide innovations in foodservice and hospitality. He organises trend expeditions around the world.

The conference will also feature a BIM workshop, with partners from the UK, US, Sweden and Italy, organisers said.

Early bird booking for the conference ends on 1 December. If you haven’t booked a package yet, get in touch with  sabine@fcsi.eu.

Ellie Clayton



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