SIRHA 2015: Exploring future food trends

To illustrate future trends in foodservice and gastronomy, Sirha 2015 in Lyon, France, will present an entirely new version of its unique Food Studio concept

Located at the heart of the Sirha exhibition between 24-28 January 2015 in Lyon, France, the unique Food Studio laboratory will feature an entirely revamped stage layout, showcasing a new, urban look.

The Food Studio will include an original Food Design exhibition and will host more than 60 conferences and roundtables. Four of those conferences will feature FCSI members, with FCSI worldwide president Jonathan Doughty FCSI speaking on Saturday 24th January 2015.

The Food Studio: three key trends

2015 will see the Food Studio welcome three partners who will unveil experimental concepts developed exclusively for Sirha, inspired by 2015 trends, identified by industry expert Frédéric Loeb. The three Food Studio trends have been inspired by the work of Loeb Innovation on behalf of the Sirha World Cuisine Summit:


The “locavore” trend is going global, drawing inspiration from the traditional common sense displayed by cooks in the past: eating seasonal products from a known source, grown organically in a properly managed, non-intensive way.


It is important to know more about what we eat in order to live better. We need to draw on all the foodservice industry’s creativity, ability to produce easy-to-eat food and reproducible productivity in order to revolutionise the way we eat, so it is more balanced and contributes to our general well-being.


A focus on how ‘the technological is transcending the natural’, aiming to use fewer additives to achieve better results. Plus, a look at the homeopathic approach and ‘atmospheric sublimation’, where the range of possibilities is limitless.

Going live

The Food Studio will also feature the following experiences and live demonstration, including:

Culinary photography by Omnivore

An entire generation of food lovers has become obsessed with cooking. Armed with their smartphones, customers take pictures and post messages on Twitter or their blogs even before tasting the food. A dish must be tasty, seasonal and local, but more than anything it must be attractive and photogenic in order to be universal and “liked”. Omnivore has invited 10 chefs who are well versed in the new aesthetic codes and culinary communication fashions, including Pierre Sang Boyer, Julien Burlat, Jean-Michel Carette, Alexandre Mazzia, Guillaume Monjuré and Romain Tischenko.

Bridor explores postmodern cuisine

For the next exhibition, Bridor has chosen to explore the field of postmodern cuisine, drawing on its bread-making expertise and joining forces with the master chefs and pastry-makers of Maison Lenôtre. To offer visitors a multitude of intense new sensations, Bridor will be breaking down traditional bread and pastry recipes and encapsulating the flavours to produce astonishing results: bread noodles in a miso soup or stuffed bread balls.

Alain Ducasse Education cultivates excellence

Alain Ducasse Education aims to train the next generation of hospitality and foodservice professionals in accordance with international levels of rigour, innovation and creativity. Each day, a professional team of expert chefs from the two Professional Training Centres in the Paris region and at Yssingeaux, will be leading original, specialised demonstrations, with the single theme of “Excellence in practice”.


The FCSI stand on Sirha 2015 trade show will be located in hall 5 – Stand 6B105. FCSI consultants will welcome Sirha visitors and help them identify tailor-made visit routes, suited to their personal needs. Check out for more information and to ask for your free pass, use the code PFU.

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