Professional growth

FCSI’s Continuing Professional Growth (CPG) Program

FCSI consultant members engage in lifelong development to maintain and improve knowledge and skills for competent consulting. This includes continuous self-assessment to identify professional strengths and learning needs, establishment of short- and long-term goals for individual professional development, and selection of educational opportunities for which appropriate Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) are awarded to recognize achievement of these goals.

The FCSI Continuing Professional Growth Manual outlines the purpose of establishing a continuing professional growth program, the requirements of consultant members to maintain their membership status, continuing education units and the types of activities that qualify, how to request approval for activities that are not offered by FCSI Education Providers, and the policy for consultant members who do not meet their minimum annual CEUs. Click here for Continuing Professional Growth Manual.

Maintaining your FCSI membership status

Since 2010, consultant members in the following categories must earn the specified number of CEUs each year in order to maintain their membership status:

Professional Members: 12 CEUs
Senior Associate Members: 6 CEUs
Associate Members: 3 CEUs

Rolling forward CEUs

If you earn more than your required CEUs, you can request them to be rolled forward into the next year. Associate members can roll forward 1 CEU, Senior Associate members can roll forward 3 CEUs, and Professional Members can roll forward up to 6 CEUs. Please note this is above and beyond the required annual CEUs each consultant member is required to earn. This is done by request. Contact Penny to roll forward CEUs.

Current educational opportunities for consultants

Visit the FCSI calendar for continuing education opportunities approved for CEUs.

If you are looking for a specific type of program, you can also select one of the options below to see available programs.

Set-date events

Our Education Providers are delighted to host education sessions at their factories
and offices! Get hands-on, timely training that will help you strengthen your foodservice skills and knowledge.

Flexible date events

Are you interested in visiting Education Providers but have a busy schedule this year?
Work directly with Education Providers to attend education sessions and tours at a mutually convenient time!

‘Your place’ events

Have the Education Providers bring presentations and training to your office!


Expand your knowledge on your own time and at your own pace!

Submitting and tracking your CEUs

To check your CEUs online, log in to the FCSI website as a member and go to ‘Manage Profile’. Then, click on ‘Professional Development’ under ‘Content and Features’. Add up the total number of CEUs that expire at the end of the year in which you are searching.

The table below describes activities that qualify for CEUs:

CEUs   Activity
1 per hour   Attendee – educational seminar
1 per tour   Tours of manufacturer’s/supplier’s facilities
3 per hour   Seminar presenter (sole)
2 per hour   Seminar panelist
.5 per 500 words   Single Author
.25 per 500 words   Co-Author
.125 per 500 words   Contributing Author
2 each   Authoring Reviews on Software and Books
1 per hour   Video or Multimedia Self-Study Programs
1 per hour of instruction   Related educational courses approved by the CPSTA
3 each   Attendance at industry trade shows/exhibitions
20 per test   Successful completion of the IKE & PSE
3 for minimum of 10 hours per year   Providing service to FCSI and/or other industry groups

Professional membership

The ultimate goal for eligible consultants is to attain the status of Professional Member. Associate members must first upgrade their membership to Senior Associate. Associates interested in becoming Professional Members must have three years of total project management experience. Once approved as a Senior Associate, candidates have three years to prepare for and pass the Industry Knowledge Exam and the Professional Skills Exam (PSE requirement is suspended through 2023).

Click here for details on qualifying and pursuing Professional Membership with FCSI.

Body of knowledge for the exams

Click here for the Body of Knowledge for the Industry Knowledge Exam (IKE) and the Professional Skills Exam (PSE). This page also includes sample questions of the IKE. Please note PSE requirement is suspended through 2023.

Click here for the 2023 Industry Knowledge Exam (IKE) Candidate Packet

Sample IKE questions

These questions represent the level of knowledge expected for successful completion of the IKE. Note: the BOK source for the question’s answer is shown below the question.

1.In order to bring an action under common law against a party for breach of an implied warranty, there must be

  1. Privity of contract
  2. A uniform commercial code
  3. A written indemnity clause
  4. Adequate coverage

Source: Understanding Hospitality Law, 5th edition, page 267

The conditions that must be present for germs to multiply are

  1. Moisture
  2. Comfortable temperature
  3. Proper acidity
  4. All of the above

Source: The Management of Food and Beverage Operations, 5th edition, page 288


For more information regarding Continuing Professional Growth, earning or logging CEUs, becoming an FCSI Education Provider, or pursuing Professional Membership, please e-mail or call Penny Price at 309-808-2165.