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FCSI prides itself on providing high-quality, relevant education to foodservice consultant members. Programs that have been approved as part of the Education Provider Program have been awarded a pre-determined number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Consultant members who attend any of these featured programs will be credited with the allotted CEUs.

Beginning in 2018, all corporate members of FCSI The Americas are eligible to provide continuing education to FCSI consultants through the Education Provider Program. If you are a corporate member and would like to learn more about the Education Provider Program, please contact Kimberly Kissel at 309-808-2165 or

Providing continuing education through the FCSI The Americas Education Provider Program

The Education Provider Program plays an important role in establishing relationships that ultimately lead to supportive future involvements amongst consultants and manufacturers/vendors. If your company is committed to providing continuing education to others in the foodservice industry, consider providing education to FCSI consultants through the FCSI The Americas Education Provider Program. Learn more about the Education Provider Program in the Education Provider Manual.

FCSI consultants turn to FCSI for their continuing education and here’s why. The FCSI Education Provider Program makes it easy for our consultants to earn their required CEUs and gives them the opportunity to get to know your company.

After each program, Education Providers submit the attendance sheet to the FCSI TA office, and the office posts these CEUs to the consultants’ journals for them. Attendees receive a quick survey of the program so that FCSI can ensure the program met attendees’ expectations. We also use the evaluations as a way to determine the FCSI Education Provider of the Year! Lastly, our consultants know the Education Provider Programs have been reviewed by FCSI in advance, so they will get valuable education to help themselves and their clients. They know won’t be listening to a sales pitch. 

As an FCSI Education Provider, you are supporting the FCSI Continuing Professional Growth Program (CPG). Offering pre-approved educational programs to FCSI consultant members encourages their ongoing professional growth. In addition, they benefit from learning cutting-edge innovations and broadening their knowledge in the industry. 

A few other details about the programs offered by FCSI Education Providers:

  • You can offer as many education programs as you like.
  • Once a program is approved, you can offer it as many times as you like in the same year, as long as the program doesn’t change significantly – just let me know when you are holding the program next and I can post it on the FCSI calendar.
  • You can offer programs in most any type of delivery method – webinar (live or recorded), tour, seminar, conference, symposium, etc. You can offer programs wherever you like.
  • Similar to corporate membership, there is an annual membership to participate as an Education Provider of FCSI.
  • Generally speaking, 1 hour of education equals 1 CEU. Here is a chart that provides details on how many CEUs a consultant can earn from commonly attended programs.
  • Programs you wish to continue offering in subsequent years need to be re-submitted annually using this form. The main reason for this is that FCSI does not know if you plan to continue offering your program(s) from year to year.

Submitting a program as an Education Provider

If you are a Corporate Member of FCSI, and wish to participate in the FCSI The Americas Education Provider Program, submit an application for each program.

Here is the sign-in sheet, which should be signed by each attendee and submitted to Kimberly after each program.

Current educational opportunities for consultants

Set-Date Events

Our Education Providers are delighted to host education sessions at their factories
and offices! Get hands-on, timely training that will help you strengthen
your foodservice skills and knowledge.

Flexible Date Events

Are you interested in visiting Education Providers but have a busy schedule this year?
Work directly with Education Providers to attend education sessions
and tours at a mutually convenient time.

“Your Place” Events

Have the Education Providers bring presentations and training to your office.


Expand your knowledge on your own time and at your own pace.

Thank you to our 2017 FCSI Education Providers

ACP, Inc.
Contact: Mary Potter

Advance Tabco
Contact: Al Alderman

Aladdin Temp-Rite
Contact: Kim Sprout

Alto-Shaam, Inc.
Contact: Robert Simmelink

Amerex Corporation
Contact: Jamie Knowles

Amerikooler, LLC
Contact: Lana Simohutina

Angelo Po America
Contact: Jack Kramer

Contact: Wayne Sirmons

Cambro Manufacturing
Contact: Patricia Guerrero

Captive-Aire Systems
Contact: Kelly Drose

Champion Industries, Inc.
Contact: Will Means

Continental Refrigerator
Contact: Kevin Brown

Cres Cor
Contact: Jim Miller

Doyon Baking Equipment
Contact: Steven Boyd

Duke Manufacturing Co.
Contact: Richard Arthur

Eagle Group
Contact: Mark Brenner

Contact: Angelo Grillas

Eloma North America
Contact: Thomas Stegmaier

Evo, Inc.
Contact: Scott Heim

Follett Corporation
Contact: Ed Barr

Food Service Technology Center
Contact: Janel Rupp

Franke Foodservice Systems
Contact: Lindsey Manson

FWE / Food Warming Equipment Co.
Contact: Travis Hartley

Gaylord Industries
Contact: Keven Hass

Glastender, Inc.
Contact: John Wilson

Grindmaster Cecilware Corporation
Contact: William Dahmen

Halton Americas
Contact: Sarah Marcotullio

Hatco Corporation
Contact: Mark Pumphret

Hobart Corporation
Contact: Lisa Addison

Contact: Keith Kelly

Imperial Brown
Contact: Rick Jones

Insinger Machine Corporation
Contact: Kris McKissack

Contact: Bob Thielen

IRINOX North America
Contact: Ron Van Bakergem

Contact: Karen Penney

Contact: Stefania Fauretti

Low Temp Industries
Contact: Mike Purcell

Manitowoc Foodservice
Contact: Chris Karssiens

Meiko USA
Contact: David Ciampoli

Micro Matic USA
Contact: Mike Godwin

Contact: Mike Egan

Nor-Lake Inc
Contact: Barb Belongia

Ovention Ovens
Contact: Jordan Robinson

Perlick Corporation
Contact: Corrinne Walenda

Contact: Bob Brown

Contact: Luis-Philipe Audette

Refrigeration Design Technologies
Contact: Brent Dyess

Contact: Dennis Easterla

Contact: Marvin Walden

Structural Concepts
Contact: Danielle McMiller

T&S Brass and Bronze Works
Contact: Joan Taylor

The Montague Company
Contact: Joe Deckelman

Traulsen Corporation
Contact: Lisa Addison

True Food Service Equipment, Inc.
Contact: Levi Merseal

Unified Brands
Contact: Kellie Wood

Utility Refrigerator
Contact: Michael Michrowski

Victory Refrigeration
Contact: Kelly Rosen

Vollrath Company LLC
Contact: Katharine Mizla

Contact: Mike Burke

Wilbur Curtis
Contact: Krisa Reddington

Wood Stone Corporation
Contact: Jennifer Johnston