Worldwide strategic plan

Worldwide strategic plan 2011


The FCSI Worldwide Board of Directors began the process of conducting a stategic planning initiative following the 2010 FCSI Conference in Minneapolis, MN USA, in March 2010.  That process required the board to retain the services of an independent consultant who specializes in Association Management Services.  During the summer of 2010 discussions began with Sandi L. Humphrey, CAE and ultimately, in September of that year an agreement on a scope of services and related fees was reached.  The project began with the preparation of a pair of surveys that would result in the collection of much needed information on which to base strategic planning.  Those two surveys were used in November 2010 to reach out to all members of FCSI as well as influential industry leaders who could help define the external influences that have been and will continue to impact FCSI.


Member Needs Survey Results

External Environmental Analysis

With the results of those surveys in hand Sandi Humphrey then prepared for 1.5 days of facilitation with the full board and key administrative personnel.  The entire group met in a Toronto airport hotel and received an evening briefing about the role of the Board of Directors versus the role of the society’s Chief Staff Officer (CSO) and his/her management team.

The remainder of the process, carried out over the next day and a half involved group assignments, brainstorming and facilitated discussions aimed at arriving at a new Vision Statement for the Foodservice Consultants Society International, reviewing the Society’s Mission Statement, listing strategic initiatives that had been identified by the members in the November survey, prioritizing those strategic initiatives and preparing a plan of action.

The letter from FCSI President Ian Hopper, FCSI as well as the Strategic Planning Report that documents the results of this project and has been unanimously approved by the board of directors as the way forward for FCSI’s worldwide operations, may be viewed here.

Strategic Plan January 2011