Heraldo Blasco; 49 years, Argentinean. Married for 17 years to Arq. Celina Sampayo; 1 beloved daughter, Alba.

May be define as a world citizen, worked at 13 countries (and counting) & developed more than 15 mayor projects at Retail & Foodservice world leading companies.

Related to the food business for 26 years, reaching Top management positions at main retail companies (Carrefour & Coto Sup.)

Trained as Project Leader Consultant in MSA & BGC, both top Canadian food consultancy firm.

In 2005 founded THE FRESH ID, first Argentinean Food & Retail consultancy firm.

Laureated as Agr. Engineer at University of Bs.As. (UBA). Numerous academic degrees were reach.

Became a FCSI member in 2017.

Visit us: http://www.thefreshid.com/


  • Americas


Agr. Engineer (U.B.A. University of Buenos Aires - ARG)

Market Segments

  • Business and Industry/Food Services
  • Convenience Stores
  • Retail

Area Of Expertise

  • Business Strategy
  • Concept Development

Food Facility Design

  • Yes

Management Advisory Services

  • Yes

Membership Grade

  • Associate (TAD)


  • Consultant


  • The Fresh Id - Food & Retail Consultants

Profile Title

  • Director & Founder



CORREDOR BANCALARI 3901, TRONCOS DEL TALAR, Buenos Aires, 1617, Argentina