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Wood Stone's customers appreciate its unparalleled products and support, plus its commitment to creating memorable food experiences

Wood Stone is committed to helping you continue to create great food and memorable experiences, today and for years to come, with unparalleled products and customer support. Take a look at what customers are saying:

Powerful product

“…The food is about the things that I like to cook and that’s constantly changing. We cook everything in the oven. The main focus – obviously we do a lot of pizzas here, we cook a lot of vegetables, a lot of big chunks of meat, bread.

The Wood Stone [oven] is a rocket ship and we lean on it heavily during the peak hours of our busy nights. It produces a wonderful product in a timely manner.

There is a very honest and primal aspect to having a stone hearth in your kitchen. The oven generates quite a buzz in the restaurant. There’s always eyes drawn to it because there is always a lot of activity in front of it because it is such a workhorse.”

– Jason Stoneburner, Stoneburer

Powerful performance

“The Wood Stone ovens at California Pizza Kitchen are the centerpieces of our restaurants. We have an open display kitchen and when you walk into CPK, the first thing you see is that beautiful oven… fire roaring, and it tells you that there is something special about this restaurant.

All of our pizzas are cooked out of that oven and pizza is our middle name, so its very important to us. And we utilize it for many other prep items as well. We cook vegetables, we roast meats, we roast fish, I mean, it’s just an integral part of what we do.

Depending on the size of the oven, we can cook up to 24 to 27 pizzas and the cooks are just rotating the pizzas and it typically takes us about 5-7 minutes to cook the pizza so the ovens are extremely productive.

The amount of production that we get through these ovens is absolutely amazing. The flow-through is phenomenal and no matter how busy we are, and we have restaurants that are extremely busy all across the country, the ovens perform. At max. They are just an amazing piece of equipment.”

– Brian Sullivan, California Pizza Kitchen

Powerful partners

Wood Stone service has been great. The ovens rarely need servicing but when they do the team has been great to get it resolved. I had a recent issue with our mobile oven (Mt. Adams) and Alvin was specifically helpful in getting everything resolved. He spent a lot of time on the phone with my propane vendor getting everything diagnosed and repaired.”

– Jeff Rhoades, Your Pie

The Wood Stone tech team has been totally supportive in addition to going above and beyond anytime we needed them. Even after hours, on weekends or odd hours, their heart for service to their customer is second to none! Thanks!”

– Bob Rosato, Your Pie

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For more information, please visit: www.woodstone-corp.com.

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