T&S Brass releases new pre-rinse unit design

T&S DuraPull with pull-down activation and extended warranty is ideal for high-volume kitchens

T&S Brass and Bronze Works, leading manufacturer of innovative foodservice and commercial plumbing products, has unveiled an all new pre-rinse unit, the T&S DuraPull.

T&S DuraPull features pull-down activation and heavy-duty construction, backed by an industry-leading extended warranty. Created by the company that introduced the original pre-rinse unit in 1947, the T&S DuraPull offers peak performance, unmatched durability and long-term reliability for high-volume kitchens.

“We’re excited to continue our history of innovation by introducing the T&S DuraPull, which offers the best in both function and design,” said Eva-Marie Fox, T&S vice president of marketing. “This new pre-rinse unit was meticulously engineered, down to the last pin, to be an attractive, efficient and reliable workhorse for busy kitchens.”

Highly durable

Rugged stainless steel construction paired with a premium, water-saving design makes the unit an ideal solution for the rigors of demanding foodservice operations. Highly durable ceramic cartridges with a lifetime warranty are included standard.

T&S DuraPull’s pull-down activation means water begins flowing as soon as the user pulls the sprayer down toward the sink. Automatic shut-off prevents water waste by ending the flow of water when the handle is released, eliminating the spray valve handle and hold-down ring of traditional units.

Equipped with the unique T&S swivel that allows 360-degree rotation of the sprayer, the T&S DuraPull’s design reduces operator fatigue and stress on the hose that is common with traditional pre-rinse units.

The 1.07 gpm sprayer is compliant with newly effective Department of Energy regulations, and T&S DuraPull is available in a variety of configurations for deck- or wall-mount installations.

T&S DuraPull will make its market debut at the NAFEM Show in Orlando. Visit T&S Brass at booth 3035 February 7-9 to learn more about T&S DuraPull and to see the unit in person. Or visit www.tsbrass.com for more information about this and other T&S products.

About T&S Brass

T&S Brass and Bronze Works, Inc. has been a leader in providing innovative equipment solutions to the foodservice and plumbing industries for more than 70 years — since 1947 — when it developed the first pre-rinse unit. Today, with facilities on the east and west coasts of the U.S., in Shanghai, China and in Europe, T&S leads the way in environmental initiatives from eco-friendly manufacturing processes to development of award-winning water- and energy-conserving products. T&S is among the first commercial plumbing manufacturers to be registered by UL to ISO 9001 Certification, the most stringent a corporation can receive. For more information, go to www.tsbrass.com.

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