Operators save hidden costs with Skyflo Liquor Dispensing Management System

Skyflo virtually eliminates liquor loss and unrecorded sales

Skyflo systems, a Wunder-Bar product, is a leading portion control liquor management system. Skyflo virtually eliminates liquor loss and unrecorded sales, which could amount to tens of thousands of dollars in savings per year.

After installation of the Skyflo management system in a bar, owners see the difference immediately in the reduction of liquor costs. At an average savings of $5 per bottle, not only can Skyflo perfectly pour 4 preprogrammed quantities of liquor every time, the patent pending innovative management system tracks all the data that is used with each drop of liquor that is poured. Management has a chance to analyze all liquor sales and keep track of stock with the Cloudflo software system. The individual electronic pouring spouts stay charged for months and are able to function hundreds of feet away from the master unit.

In control

“Skyflo will make owners more profitable and provide peace of mind. They know they are in control of their pouring costs,” said Bill Muise, director of Skyflo sales. “At a time where food, labor and energy costs are growing, Skyflo can help reduce a hidden expense that takes place in most restaurants and bars.”

Wunder-Bar technology is a trusted leader beverage dispensing systems. Skyflo is the most advanced liquor management system of its kind and represents the latest technology from Wunder-Bar.

About Wunder-Bar

For more than forty years, Wunder-Bar has been providing solutions within the food and beverage industry. Since the 1970’s, the Wunder-Bar liquor dispensing systems have been the standard by which competitive companies attempt to reach. In the mid 1990’s, Wunder-Bar began development in a wide range food dispensing systems, bringing extensive skill and industry knowledge to this new area.

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