Equipped with an information downloading system, the MTD station and shuttle satisfies Industry 4.0 requirements

Metaltecnica, the Italian catering equipment manufacturer leader in the management and distribution of meals, has created the MTD system: a new generation of products designed to be used in every type of application from traditional cook and serve, to advanced cook and chill, but also for the most innovative cook and freeze systems.

MTD is the Metaltecnica system, which allows the separation of the technical part necessary for the regeneration and maintenance cycles (station) to the moving part (shuttle).

The MTD unit has been studied in order to manage the personalised tray system, to ensure the right temperatures are withheld and to maintain the organoleptic quality of meals prepared in the kitchen. The separation of the technical part to the moving part (dissociated technology system) makes the shuttle lighter and easy to transport. In this way, the maintenance will be less demanding because the technical parts are stable.

The MTD station

The MTD system consists of a station made completely out of real stainless steel and in a reduced size to save space in the workplace.

The forced fan heating supplies air to the shuttle, creates a homogenous temperature inside the compartments and greatly increases the speed to reach the set temperatures.

All operations can be controlled by the practical LCD colour touchscreen on the station side. The position of the screen has been studied to be easily reached during both the inactivity and the cycle phases when the shuttle is linked to the station.

The station has a two-point electromagnetic hooking system that allows a simple connection to the shuttle and a perfect seal of air flux. The red and blue gaskets help to immediately recognise the cold from the hot ventilation.

Disconnecting the shuttle is made possible through a specific button separate from the touchscreen. The station has special rails driving the shuttle to the correct connection position with the station.

The MTD station is available in two versions, with capacity for 24 or 30 trays.

The range of products is completed by a 36 tray shuttle, compatible with the 24 tray station. Normally, the station is connected to the wall, however, where this kind of hooking is not possible, it can be fixed to the floor through a special support.

The MTD shuttle

The MTD shuttle is part of the system in charge of the tray transport and of temperature maintenance. The heating seal of the cold and hot parts is ensured by a thick insulation and by thermal brakes which prevent the temperature exchange between the two compartments.

As well as thermal brakes, there are coloured gaskets (red and blue) on the doors identifying the function of the compartment (heating or cooling). The division of the two compartments is ensured by a dividing wall, equipped with slats, raising when the tray is in position and lowering when the tray is removed. The wall and its slats are made of plastic, which enables the tray to slide. The dividing wall is easily extractable, without the need of tools for the periodic sanitisation.

The roof of the shuttle contains a rail to transport food or drinks such as bottles of water or bread. A strong lower perimeter bumper in non-marking black rubber and four upper bumpers provide high protection against bumps and knocks. Doors with a special security closing are installed for difficult transports; the doors have a magnetic stop while they’re open (270°).

The push handles on the entire height allow the workers of any kind of stature a comfortable, safe and ergonomic grip when the doors are either open or closed.

Following the Industry 4.0 plan, it is possible to have – on request – the global tracking of all the working flux directly installed on the shuttle.

The available sizes are: 24, 30, or 36 trays dim. mm 570×325.

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