What are Modular Commercial Kitchens?

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A preferred option for some, modular kitchens are gaining new traction across all industries as the best solution for otherwise difficult scenarios

With the changing food landscape, it’s important to know what options exist when planning new, expanded or renovated foodservice operations.

The concept of modular commercial kitchens is straightforward. By breaking down functional areas into individual units; cook line, prep area, dishwashing, storage, etc., operators have the flexibility to create a facility that is both relocatable and customized to meet their needs. Equipped with energy sources and HVAC, they can fully supplement or expand existing operations.

With ghost kitchens and off-premise sales rising in popularity, modular kitchens are being leveraged as a competitive advantage for operators concentrating on food accessibility and speed of delivery. Often more cost-effective than site-built, modular facilities have smaller footprints which translates into closer proximity to a customer base and reduced labor costs.

Use-cases for modular kitchens

Modular kitchens are ideal for planned and unplanned situations. The ability to configure the spaces to an operator’s unique needs makes them ideal for disaster response and recovery, renovation, and even new construction.


When commercial and non-commercial kitchens require renovation, modular kitchens can ensure no lapse of service, layoffs, or reliance on outside catering.

Non-commercial foodservice operations; hospitals, universities, correctional facilities, must function daily and operators need solutions that will ensure business continuity. Temporary modular kitchens are the least disruptive, most cost-effective solution and a preferred alternative to phased construction, eliminating the need to reduce capacity or staffing.

Expanded capacity

Institutions expanding kitchen and/or dining facilities can utilize modular solutions for temporary or permanent expansion. KTG’s Bolt-On®; a pre-constructed, code-compliant kitchen, can be affixed to an existing building on a permanent or lease-term basis, yielding cost and schedule savings over conventional construction.

Disaster response & recovery

When operations are affected by disaster, modular units can be used during construction of a replacement facility. Modular kitchens allow for verbal and visual communication and are the best way to quickly respond to changing environments, maximizing available space to best serve those who are in need.

Modular solutions provide full support for any scale production. With recent innovations in foodservice manufacturing, modular kitchens can mirror permanent locations with state-of-the-art equipment, functionality, and design.

For many situations, modular solutions are the best way to tackle the problem. Kitchens To Go specialises in providing foodservice facilities that keep you cooking.

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