Revolutionary scale-inhibiting design significantly reduces operating costs

April 2016. Easton, PA – Follett’s new Horizon Elite™ ice machine is a 2016 recipient of the National Restaurant Association’s (NRA) Kitchen Innovations (KI) Award. The award recognizes forward-thinking equipment and technologies that increase efficiency and productivity for back-of-the-house operations and benefit restaurant operators. Horizon Elite will be showcased in the Kitchen Innovations Pavilion at the 2016 National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show in Chicago from May 21 through 24.

The Horizon Elite also was named a 2016 FCSI Product Innovation Showcase Finalist. One of only 10 products featured in the Innovation Showcase, it was displayed at the FCSI the Americas Conference in Nashville, TN April 14-16.

Horizon Elite 1010 and 1410 series ice machines have a revolutionary new water management design that offers foodservice operators a low cost of ownership and superior performance even in the most challenging water conditions. By dramatically reducing scale build-up while remaining very water efficient, Horizon Elite saves maintenance costs by reducing the need for frequent cleanings, reduces or eliminates the expense of water treatment systems such as reverse osmosis, and produces purer ice that dispenses more reliably.

Founded in 1948, Follett Corporation is a leading manufacturer of ice-related equipment, including ice machines, ice storage and transport equipment, ice and beverage and ice and water dispensing equipment for foodservice and healthcare markets worldwide.

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