Hoshizaki is on the ball at Chadwick’s Home of Zoology

High quality ice takes the cocktails to a higher level at this premium bar

Located in the heart of Kingston-upon-Thames, is a stunning drinks sanctuary offering customers a unique experience in botanical cocktails. Opened by Nick Robinson in June 2021, Chadwick’s Home of Zoology is part of the Incognito family who pride themselves on delivering customers an unforgettable experience as Robinson explains:

“Chadwick’s Home of Zoology is the sister venue to our Kingston Upon Thames Incognito bar and is a fantastic, beautiful, botanical cocktail bar. It is designed to be a contrast to our original Incognito bars which are known for their theatrics. The menu reflects the bars ambience completely and is filled with classic cocktails and twists on originals, garnished with beautiful botanical elements that are served in elegant vintage glassware.”

As an experienced bar owner, Robinson understands the importance of ingredient quality:

“We are a premium venue and we only serve fresh premium products,” he says. “That goes right down to the syrups, purees and infusions that we produce in house, the fruit we buy in daily, the edible flower garnishes we grow ourselves, the very best team of local mixologists and ultimately the ice we use in our drinks.”

It is for this exact reason that Robinson swears by Hoshizaki as his ice machine supplier, and uses them at all of his Incognito locations including Chadwick’s Home of Zoology. Whilst setting up the Kingston location, Nick acquired both a cubed ice and a flaked ice machine to serve with his premium drinks but has since purchased the Hoshizaki IM-65 self-contained ball ice machine, to wow his customers at Chadwick’s.

“The Hoshizaki ball machine has been a fantastic addition to our brand. It has really opened up our scope of cocktails and has allowed us to wow our customers in ways not possible previously,” he explains. “We can now produce a near on unlimited supply of fantastically clear ice spheres, in super quick time. The spheres are not something that customers will have seen anywhere else in Kingston and they really elevate their unique cocktail experience.’

The ball ice features in a range of Chadwick’s cocktails such as the Red Admiral which is a twist on an old fashioned, the Peacock which is a twist on a Negroni, as well as the entire Encyclopaedia Gin and Tonica range which comprises of 52 different gins, all served in vintage gin goblets. As well as the improved aesthetics, the ball ice also offers a number of practical benefits as Robinson outlines:

“One of the other benefits to using ball ice is that due to the shape and density of the sphere, the dilution time is a lot greater. This means that the quality of drink lasts significantly longer, meaning you do not get that fast dilution or watery taste that you normally would with traditional ice. Our mixologists can fit about 6 ice balls in each gin at once.”

He is delighted with the addition of the IM-65 machine within Chadwicks:

“I would absolutely recommend Hoshizaki ice machines, especially the IM-65 to other bar owners. I feel like they elevate a serve and a drink to a level of customer experience that are normally very difficult to produce in house. It’s the quality, the clarity and Hoshizaki deliver that in spades”

To find out about the equipment in the Hoshizaki range, visit www.hoshizaki-europe.com

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