HOBART starts the trade show season with spectacular new features

The innovative TWO-LEVEL-WASHER with its additional wash chamber will feature at both INTERGASTRA and INTERNORGA

At both of the the HOBART booths at INTERGASTRA in Stuttgart and INTERNORGA in Hamburg, visitors will see lots of new products, including the innovative TWO-LEVEL-WASHER with its additional wash chamber.

The Offenburg-based warewashing specialist recently received the “FSE TOMORROW AWARD” for this addition to its product range. The enhanced HOBART flight-type dishwasher is also on show, which allows the end customer to save energy and thus operating costs thanks to its new energy-saving system.

Furthermore, the world market leader in commercial warewashing presents the next milestone on the way to automation: its new robot concept for automatic dishwasher loading and unloading.

Two in one: the world’s first TWO-LEVEL-WASHER

With the TWO-LEVEL-WASHER, HOBART designed the first commercial dishwasher on the market which has a second wash chamber for simultaneous washing. By increasing the capacity per wash cycle, HOBART is sure to significantly relieve the dishwashing staff’s workload.

“At peak times, the kitchen is always incredibly busy, and dishes must be washed fast to be ready for reuse quickly. Our TWO-LEVEL-WASHER is the perfect helper because it washes double the quantity of dishes in the same time,” says Manfred Kohler, vice president sales and manufacturing at HOBART GmbH.

Furthermore, the dish and utensil washer is not only extremely efficient but also has a very small footprint, which makes it suitable also for smaller kitchens. Despite the second washing level and its compact design, the TLW does not require more space than a conventional dishwasher.

FTPi flight-type dishwasher: energy saving made easy

With its new, unique CLIMATE-PLUS energy saving system which combines drain heat recovery with state-of-the-art heat pump technology, the enhanced flight-type dishwasher FTPi uses significantly less energy for warewashing.

In total, up to 70% of the energy from the waste water and up to 100% of the energy from the exhaust air is returned to the wash process, valuable energy which is left unused in traditional systems. This considerably reduces energy consumption and operating costs while ensuring a constant exhaust air temperature of 17°C.

The wash up area of the future: new robot system as washing assistant

At the international spring trade shows, HOBART furthermore presents the vision of the future of warewashing: a robot assistant. The intelligent robot recognises different wash ware items and loads or unloads the dishwasher independently.

With the help of artificial intelligence and computational neuroscience, the robot is able to identify correlations, for example similarities in shape, material, and characteristics while its sensors and cameras ensure that it properly captures its environment. Combined with the existing warewashing equipment features by HOBART, the robot system will help to achieve time savings of more than 65% per dishwashing process in the future.

Show booth information:

  • INTERGASTRA: Hall 5 / Booth 5B11
  • INTERNORGA: Hall A4 / Booth 209

For more information about HOBART, please visit www.hobart-export.com.

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