How Hidden Induction is Redefining the Traditional Buffet

Hidden induction combines induction warming that is more efficient, safe, and cost-effective than conventional gas with the trend of functional furniture

Already the most efficient and precise technology for food cooking/warming, advancements in induction continue in order to meet the needs of operators today. On the forefront of induction innovation is built-in, hidden induction.

Hidden induction combines induction warming that is more efficient, safe, and cost-effective than conventional gas with the popular trend of functional furniture – furniture designed for both foodservice use and standard display or communal use.

SmartStone Hidden Induction System

Take for instance, Spring USA’s Communal Table – it combines style and function by utilizing three commercial warming induction ranges hidden underneath a SmartStoneTM countertop. SmartStone, Spring USA’s proprietary stone, provides the quality and performance required for commercial foodservice surfaces while maintaining its full beauty.

Designed specifically for use with Spring USA induction ranges and vessels, SmartStone offers peace of mind knowing your surface won’t burn, crack, or stain from induction. SmartStone easily accommodates foodservice as it is lightweight with better durability and resistant to scratches, stains, chemicals, UV, and corrosion to retain original beauty. It is also non-porous so does not harbor bacteria and is NSF-certified to meet even the most rigorous foodservice environments.

MAX InductionTM Hidden Induction Ranges

The MAX InductionTM MultiSurface Induction Range is one of the newest, most versatile hidden induction ranges by Spring USA. It mounts beneath the countertop and is safe for use under not only SmartStone but under many other approved surfaces. Because it seemlessly mounts beneath the countertop, it eliminates any cutting making the surface smooth and power management completely hidden.

This makes it the perfect induction range for functional furniture – such as the Heritage Table designed for use at the happiest place on Earth. Four warming induction ranges and power boxes discreetly sit beneath a beautiful stone and wood table that can be used beyond food serving when induction is not in use.

The Max Induction MultiSurface Range is also unique in that it is trivetless, no RFID trivet is required. The induction range intuitively senses induction-ready vessels without the use of trivets. Being a trivetless system offers many performance advantages – the MultiSurface range never needs recalibration between service or when vessels move. Moisture also does not affect the performance of the range like other trivet induction systems.

Before hitting the market, the range was thoroughly tested and approved for use with certain vessels & surfaces up to 2 cm thick. Through this rigorous process, each surface and vessel were tested for quality, performance, and compatibility that meets Spring USA’s standards for professional foodservice equipment. The MultiSurface is also backed by an overnight exchange warranty and comes with Spring USA’s less than 1% failure rate.

Most importantly, the MultiSurface range comes with Spring USA’s exclusive SmartScan® technology. SmartScan includes over/under voltage protection and vessel size/ type recognition that protects from warping or food from burning. Automatic pan recovery seamlessly adjusts and recognizes vessels without losing connection as they lift from the surface.

Fully Customizable Functional Furniture

Hidden induction is not the only option for functional furniture. There are a number of highly customizable solutions capable of integrating with hidden induction tables.

These include frost tops for cold-holding items, shelves, caster, cord management, and more.

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