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At Giorik, our main goal has always been to find innovative solutions to help customers with their cooking cycle and kitchen organisation processes

Every product we develop and every range is designed to meet the real needs of our customers, whatever they may be. From the owner of a small cafeteria who needs to organise breakfasts, perhaps starting with a frozen product, to the chef of a large kitchen who manages 100 covers per hour with a traditional menu full of flavours and who needs to maintain the authentic taste of the cuisine intact. And finally, to the manager of a large supermarket chain who needs products that communicate with each other, that cook large quantities of product and are suitable for management by operators who are always different and not always qualified.

Let’s see how KORE helps cafés and small restaurants!

The Giorik Kore oven is the compact oven of the range, descended from the top of the range. Its 519mm wide footprint is maximising efficiency in the smallest space. Giorik Kore offers a large 7” touch screen with all the same features as its larger footprint Steambox Evolution. Equipped with a patented high efficiency boiler or with a clever Direct Injection system for steam production, Meteo System to match the water flow level needs to the desired steam output, Rack control, Steam Tuner for tuning dry-wet steam and an automatic wash system with 4 different levels of cleaning.

The possibility to select between liquid detergent and tabs makes this product truly adaptable to customer preferences.

The Kore is the perfect addition to both small and large commercial kitchens. The Giorik Kore range also offers the choice of gas and electric ovens in two different sizing configurations and the Left hinged door can be requested during the order.

What about big restaurants, canteens and supermarkets?

The Giorik Steambox Evolution range starts a new era, where technological research defines commercial cooking. This premium oven offers a large 9” touch screen with a patented high efficiency boiler to produce the perfect quality of steam inside the cooking chamber or with a clever direct Injection system that provides outstanding performance levels – reducing time and energy consumption. Precise humidity control is made easy with the integrated Meteo System ensuring outstanding cooking results. The Steam Tuner features allows to regulate humidity, colouring, browning and leavening levels for any tipe of product without any manual adjustment. Rack control is the easy service option enabling different dishes to be cooked at the same time at various levels. Finish off service with the automatic wash system, with the choice of four wash levels as standard paired with a closed circuit and minimal water usage.

The possibility to select between liquid detergent and tabs makes this product truly adaptable to customer preferences.

The Giorik Steambox evolution range offers a large variety of gas and electric ovens in six different sizing configurations.

Giorik product for easy operations and multiple purposes!

Cooking by convection, steam, combined convection/steam, convection with humidifying and with dehumidifying, with a core probe, temperature holding. These are all MovAir functions, available in both gas and electric versions. The sides with double fitments enable use of both Gastronorm size trays and 600×400 patisserie trays. MovAir is the only one of its kind available in mirrored version! Indeed it can be ordered in two different versions L model (left side hinges and right side panel) or R model (right side hinges and left side panel). 

But there’s more … A full range of modular cooking appliances and the most famous Salamanders in the world!

Unika is the range of hob equipment from Giorik based on 700mm or 900mm modules and designed to meet the multiple needs of professional caterers. The technical solutions employed and the simple clean design of the appliances all covered by Giorik certification, make possible a wide variety of layouts. Individual modules can all be combined together to guarantee efficiency, safety and easy cleaning.

Try the perfect match of cooking features created by the combination with the Giorik Salamanders, cooking, holding and re-heating any type of foods!

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