The Evolution™ Boiler-free Steamer Delivers Efficiency NOW

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The Evolution™ delivers faster cook times and more even pan-to-pan cooking – all with less maintenance and industry-leading energy efficiencies

While the Evolution™ Steamer is loaded with dozens of features, what really makes it ahead of the competition is its patented Steam Vector Technology™. SVT™ brilliantly creates forced convection without using fans, motors, pumps, or any other moving parts while also conserving water usage. The Evolution™ delivers faster cook times and more even pan-to-pan cooking – all with less maintenance and industry-leading water and energy efficiencies.

When our customers asked for the convenience of a connected, boiler-free steamer that was equivalent to a boiler-based steamer, yet more efficient, AccuTemp had the answer: the Evolution™ boiler-free connected steamer! The Evolution™ delivers convenience with faster cook times, menu versatility, improved food quality, and trouble-free operation.

The Evolution™ line of 6-pan steamers features an optional simple to-connect water and drain line. Unlike other connected steamers, the Evolution™ does not require water filtration of any type or have any water quality exclusions in its warranty. The Evolution™ ’s boiler-free design includes a cast heater that is not exposed to water, thus no deliming and expensive boiler blowdowns or repairs are necessary. Simple-to-operate digital controls means fewer parts overall, less maintenance and less downtime. This steamer is designed specifically for high volume kitchens that are tough on equipment.

The Evolution™ is the most water efficient connected steamer on the market. Using only 4 to 8 gallons of water each day, the Evolution™ can save up to 200 gallons of water per day when compared to standard connected steamers! Not only does this save on water and utility costs, but also on sewage costs, since far less water will be going down a drain.

Benefits of the Evolution™ Steamer include:

  • No Water Filtration or Water Treatment needed
  • No water quality exclusions in warranty
  • EPA 202 qualified for ventless cooking (local jurisdiction may vary)
  • SVT™ provides convection with no moving parts
  • Doubles as a holding cabinet with temperature control
  • Reliable, easy to operate digital controls
  • Cook times comparable to that of boiler-based steamers
  • Lowers your operating and maintenance costs
  • Power Plate™ provides flexibility between speed and efficiency
  • Available connected or connectionless
  • Available in natural gas, propane or electric
  • 6-pan capacity or double stacked for 12-pan capacity

To see the Evolution in action, watch the video here

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