Electrolux unveils latest premium cooking stove offering with launch of Molteni Caractère

Created to blend traditional cooking heritage with contemporary design, the range can fulfil the aspirations of the most renowned restaurants, hotels and private residential homes

Having established itself at the heart of some of the world’s most renowned kitchens, the latest generation of the iconic Molteni cooking stove promises to deliver a new era of luxury cuisine.

Developed by Electrolux Professional, the new Molteni Caractère is the ultimate custom-crafted premium cooking stove. Created to blend traditional cooking heritage with contemporary design, the range can fulfil the aspirations of the most renowned restaurants, hotels and private residential homes.


With all units handcrafted and tailor-made to the exact specifications of each chef, every Molteni Caractère fuses ultra-modern, high tech materials – including a AISI 304 stainless steel stainless steel chassis – with a compact surface and stylish finishing, to deliver a number of seamless, contemporary combinations.

Crucially for chefs, the stove can be personalised to meet their exact needs with no compromise. Whether the desire is for a unique look, optimised workflow, or a status symbol which stands out from the crowd, professionals can rest assured that their new Molteni will be the perfect fit for their kitchen.

The Caractère range incorporates a host of different cooking functions depending on the requirements of the chef. These range from, but are not limited to, induction plates and unique charcoal lava stone grill, to classic static ovens, heated, chilled and neutral drawers and cabinets, as well as bain maries and pasta cookers.

Further bespoke additions include round or square control knobs forged from ergonomic stainless steel, as well as a tailor-made plaque bearing either a bespoke logo or the classic Molteni logo, which has adorned ovens across the world’s finest kitchens for nearly 100 years.

An aesthetic yet durable finish

Available in a variety of matte or gloss enamelled colour finishes, chefs will also have the option to incorporate the Molteni Decor finish. This includes top and side panels which offer outstanding durability, resistant to scratches, abrasion, stains, heat, fire and UV, to provide an aesthetic yet durable finish that allows the Caractère range can last indefinitely without ever showing its age.

Steve Wooldridge, fine dining segment manager at Electrolux Professional commented: “The exclusive, hand-crafted design of the traditional, premium cooking range has made Molteni a go-to solution for high-end kitchens around the world. Now, we’re in a position to widen our offer and present those with a passion for design, the perfect combinations of quality with style, and tradition with innovation,” he says.

“The new Molteni Caractère range embodies our excellence in blending established heritage with a 21st century aesthetic. The result is a real integration of the classic and the contemporary; a design concept that combines the classic appearance and cookabilty expected from a premium cooking stove, with an as-yet-unseen level of customisation for the UK’s fine dining scene. With functionality, durability and longevity all at the heart of the new Molteni Caractère, it is undoubtedly a game-changer for UK chefs wanting to take the stove to the pinnacle of quality.”

Further details:

To read more on the Molteni story and its evolution towards Molteni Caractère, visit http://www.molteni.com.

For more information on Electrolux Professional’s state-of-the-art range of kitchen equipment, visit www.electrolux.co.uk/professional.

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