Blast chillers can be perceived as a niche product most suited for large scale kitchen operations. However, blast chilling and the overall cook/chill process may provide the efficiency operators are seeking as they are called to be more productive with less time and less staff

Blast chillers are sometimes thought of as a luxury or niche product, best suited only for large-scale cooking operations like hospitals, universities, and cafeterias. The truth is that almost any kitchen could benefit from integrating a blast chiller into their operation, perhaps now more than ever!

In these challenging times, operators continue to struggle with staffing issues that may result in reduced menu offerings, reduced hours of operation and increased labor costs.  As the labor shortage continues to impact the industry, maximizing productivity has become increasingly important. Fortunately, there is a solution that may be able to help, implementing a Cook/Chill System, a relatively simple process that incorporates Cooking, Chilling, Holding, Retherm and Serving in a streamlined operational flow.

Cook/Chill benefits

A Cook/Chill system can save significant time and money, allowing operators to do more with less labor, reduce overall costs, improve product quality, safety, consistency, and allow for other benefits such as menu expansion. Successful cook/chilling requires a combination of cooling food safely (based on FDA guidelines) as well as providing finished food that looks and tastes as if it was freshly cooked. Blast chillers are a key component of the cook/chill system and the best method for cooling food quickly and safely.  Blast chillers:

  • Work well with both solid and liquid products in small or large portion sizes.
  • Provide process control to assure rapid cooling without freezing.
  • Do not require a supply of ice or water, nor labor such as cold paddles.
  • Combine the process with critical documentation.
  • Have other uses such as: freezing food for long term storage, supporting salad bars, preserving leftovers, menu expansion & refreshing ready to eat foods.

Chill It: Traulsen Blast Chiller offerings

Traulsen offers a wide array of blast chillers at multiple price points to suit the various needs of the food service operator. Some easy-to-use features of the award-winning Traulsen TBC Blast Chillers include a hands-free Auto-Start, an adjustable Manual Operating Model Three Removable Food Probes (ideal for multi-batching), 90-Day Cycle Memory, an On-Board Printer and USB Port to retrieve past Cycle Data.

The newest addition to the blast chiller family is the Centerline™ by Traulsen Blast Chiller. Available in undercounter and reach-in models, these units provide rapid cooling capability at a budget friendly price. These models are an ideal fit for operators who appreciate the labor benefits blast chilling provides without the need for the additional features commonly offered in the traditional TBC Series.

Further details:

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