Design an Equipment Layout without CAD or Revit

KCL, the leader in foodservice design technologies, brings their newest innovation to HostMilano

KCL NapkinSketch allows you to design equipment layouts (floor plan, elevation, and 3D) using KCL’s more than 230,000 CAD blocks and Revit families from over 200 foodservice manufacturers without requiring a CAD or Revit program.

Commercial kitchen design without CAD

“KCL NapkinSketch allows you to capture that moment when foodservice design inspiration strikes and sketch your vision on your tablet or laptop to create a useful design that can be shared with colleagues and clients,” explains Kevin Kochman, president and co-founder of KCL. “Unlike a creative sketch on a paper napkin, KCL NapkinSketch designs won’t get lost, crumpled, or damaged.”

NapkinSketch designs are ready to use because you can load any of KCL’s 200+ manufacturer or user CAD blocks, manufacturer Revit families, 2D or 3D KCL Custom Blocks and then:

  • Add text notes,
  • View in 3D,
  • Turn on/off layers, move, rotate, delete,
  • Save as a PDF, DWG, JPG, or NPK, and
  • Verify dimensions with a measuring tool.

The desktop version of KCL NapkinSketch includes additional features, such as the ability to drag and drop anyAutoCAD DWG file to help load walls or building drawings. See it in action here.

No CAD or Revit program? No problem!

NapkinSketches can be imported and exported for later editing. If they are saved as PDFs, they can be marked up in Adobe or Bluebeam.

As a salesperson, you can save your NapkinSketch as a DWG that can be opened in a CAD program for further refinement by your design team. KCL’s BIM/CAD Designer offers advanced tools such as Edit Balloons, Schedules and Specbook to complete the project.

With the ability to quickly create functional designs filled with accurate items and equipment dimensions, KCLNapkinSketch expedites the commercial kitchen sales to design process.

Save time and money on design

KCL tools save time and money. NapkinSketch is just one way KCL helps foodservice professionals work more efficiently. The KCL Mobile app, free in your app store, provides exceptional convenience while on the go and KCL’s BIM/CAD Designersoftware is the industry leader. Founded in 1985 and continuously innovating, KCL sets the standard for design tools in the foodservice industry.

With KCL’s generous site license, your entire site team can have access to the full KCL design toolbox, including NapkinSketch, for about 350€ per year. In fact, you can start using it today for free when you download a 14-day trial at


About KCL

 KCL created foodservice industry’s first one-click insert symbol library, was the first to launch a foodservice design app, and the first to develop a high-tech version of a traditional napkin sketch to commercial kitchen design. KCL created a popular platform for manufacturers to widely distribute their symbols while providing unparalleled efficiency for users. The company continues to maintain its competitive edge as new technologies emerge with a variety of design and sales support tools, like KCL Mobile and KCL NapkinSketch, that provide value in the field as well as the office.

Buy or try KCL’s time-saving products today and join the KCL mailing listto learn about new product developments. You can also connect to KCL on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.


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