Connecting over the Modbar

Modbar is a modular under-counter espresso system designed to break the barrier between customers and baristas, placing the inner workings beneath the counter

A true innovation to the design and concept of coffee machine equipment. Instead of a centerpiece countertop coffee equipment – Modbar neatly places the inner workings – the “brains” and technology under the counter.

Over the counter, one finds elegantly displayed taps, allowing the barista and client a direct and open space to interact, creating a feeling of openness in a public environment. The founder’s idea was to teach a small town what great coffee could be. Allowing a coffee drinker to experience every aspect of coffee preparation in front of their eyes, while the barista told the story of the origin of those coffee beans or the complex tastes and varieties one can find in a cup.

Space for social connection

Modbar produces a range of coffee equipment, including an Espresso System, a Pour-Over System for filtered coffee, and a Steam System for nearly limitless dry steam. The Modbar Steam is now installed in one of the first tea bars in Copenhagen.

VAKKA Tea Bar uses the system to heat and steam mixed/milk-based/hot cocktails & beverages, the Steam System sits right in front of the customer. Creating a show-like experience when blooming tea leaves and preparing mixed drinks.

With such a variety, the Modbar is not only seen in a coffee shop, it’s placed where wonderful beverages complement a space for social connection. Be it an elegant boutique hotel, a trendy roof-top cocktail bar, or a cozy tea shop.

Just last year it was placed in a quaint bookshop in Mumbai, India, The White Crow Books and Coffee. There Nandan Coffee Roasters wanted transparency with their customers and curious newcomers. Customers are now able to place their orders and browse through the book selection while moving freely throughout the space. Watching the coffee creation process from any corner of the store due to the 360 degree open counter set up.

Creating a space based on one’s needs and desires, it takes the mundane out of service. Aiding to keep connection and passion alive in hospitality. The Modbar heightens the experience of customers and owners with great design and unmatchable technology while putting people’s curiosities first.

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