Benefits of Investing in Cantilever Shelving

At a time when space is at a premium the need for flexible and smart storage with a smaller footprint is greater than ever

Storage is not only a commodity across all industries, but it’s also an ever-changing and constant challenge. Quick Change Cantilever Shelving is an excellent solution for spaces needing versatile shelving units to meet multiple demands. By omitting front uprights, shelves are attached at the back of the unit. This offers a variety of benefits including maximizing space, flexible configuration, and worker safety.

Maximize storage apace

Cantilever Shelving maximizes shelf space by omitting the front vertical supports, creating a continuous unobstructed shelf at an unlimited length and offers 30% more storage space per shelf. This allows items such as pipe, lumber, all thread, and other long, awkward items to be stored properly. With optional ceiling mounted cantilever shelving, the footprint can be reduced to zero, freeing up all available floor space.Flexible configuration

Quick Change Cantilever Shelving systems have nearly infinite configurability. Multiple shelf type options offer various weight capacities. Heavy Duty (HD) Bar style shelving is excellent for storing or organizing large, heavy items. T-Bar shelving provides a smooth, flat surface that is easy to clean and allows boxes to slide for easy loading and unloading. Solid shelves are ideal for small or light items. They feature a smooth surface that is easy to clean and allows boxes to slide effortlessly. The system is easy to assemble. Shelves can be fitted at any height and easily reconfigured by the user. The shelves lift and lock into clips secured to the uprights every twelve inches — no tools required! Freestanding units are available in 21-inch and 27-inch depths. The extended leg includes an adjustable front foot for easy leveling. Common uprights allow users to build continuous shelves that are only limited by available space.


Facilities often store long items on pallets, consuming valuable floor space. Sometimes large items are stored on shelves not properly configured to accommodate them. Both scenarios generate serious safety concerns including trips and falls, dropping or damaging goods, and protruding items that become hazards for employees to hit their head on. It’s important to choose a proper storage solution for these items to prevent injuries.

About New Age Industrial:

New Age Industrial is the premier aluminum extruder and fabricator of foodservice equipment in the United States. They design and manufacture heavy duty, yet lightweight aluminum storage and transportation products that are completely customizable. New Age works with various industries including foodservice, supermarket, and material handling. For more information on existing products or to customize a solution, email or visit the website at learn more about Quick Change Cantilever Shelving from New Age Industrial, review the Cantilever Shelving Guide or watch this Product Demo Video. Also, check out this Stop Motion Video showcasing its flexible configuration.

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