Baxter Manufacturing Introduces the VersaOven™ Cooking Solution

Unique oven combines the best of rotisserie, convection and combi ovens

Baxter, the commercial oven manufacturer known for proven technology and authentic results, is introducing the VersaOven™, a new type of kitchen equipment that combines the best features of rotisserie, convection and combi ovens into a space-saving oven category all its own.

Built with patent-pending technology to offer versatility, performance and intuitive operation, the VersaOven enables cooking, baking and steaming without the difficulty of operation that can come with combi ovens, or the arduous clean up that can be a hallmark of convection ovens.

Terrific results

“The Baxter VersaOven is truly unique because it handles so many kinds of food and styles of cooking with terrific results” said chef Michelle Bridges, Baxter’s manager of bakery/culinary support. “Cooks of all skill and experience levels can easily use the VersaOven to cook racks of rotisserie-style chicken, steam vegetables and bake moist, flavorful cakes.”

Built to offer the cooking advantages of rotisseries, rack ovens and combi ovens in one convenient and consolidated package, the VersaOven features a rotating interior oven rack for even cooking results, and a 95,000 BTU/Hr in-shot burner system. The VersaOven is also built with a patented, self-contained steam system that generates more steam than a standard mini-rack oven. Designed to handle the daily cooking demands of the busiest delis, grocery stores and retail kitchens, the VersaOven has the capacity to fit 40 three-pound chickens, 10 standard 18”x26” sheet pans, or five 12”x20”x2.5” steam pans.

While versatility and the latest technology are built in, designers made ease-of-use a priority. The VersaOven allows users to intuitively input recipes using programmable touch-screen controls in less time and with less frustration than many combi ovens that cooks can find too complex to operate. Bulk uploading of recipes is possible as well through an easily accessed USB port. The VersaOven also features a large window with two panes for easy viewing, and a patent-pending design that includes a fixed, interior pane for additional door rigidity, plus an exterior window that opens easily for cleaning between the panes.

Easy to clean

“The VersaOven is probably one of the easiest ovens to clean and care for that we’ve built to date,” said Steve Wright, product line manager. “From grease collection to cleaning, it’s designed to save kitchens time and labor.” For reduced maintenance issues, the Baxter VersaOven incorporates a patent-pending grease separation system that utilizes gravity and a valve rather than a pump. Grease is collected in two five-gallon containers, and the transit caddy includes viewing windows to monitor grease levels, as well as a retractable handle that stows out of the way when not in use.

End-of-day cleanup is also easy, thanks to a patent-pending automated wash system that reduces the need for daily manual cleaning. The oven’s heavy cleaning cycle only takes two hours and uses 24 gallons of water, while a 30-minute, short wash cycle takes care of any mid-day needs without shutting down afternoon production.

Further details:

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