Axel Beck appointed executive vice president of ITW

Since 2016 he has been responsible for the Global Ware Wash business of the ITW Food Equipment Group

Axel Beck has been appointed executive vice president of the Illinois Tool Work FEG Segment, comprising leading brands that include HOBART, Foster, Bonnet, Elro, Traulsen and Avery Berkel.

The 54-year-old German national will be responsible for the $2.2 bn Food Equipment Group, which produces dishwashers, cooking, refrigeration and food processing equipment and provides technical service for the food equipment industry worldwide.

Beck began his career with ITW at HOBART in Offenburg in 1989 after studying Mechanical Engineering and Business & Economics. He lived in the UK for five years, managing HOBART Manufacturing and returned to HOBART Germany in 2002 as business unit manager of Ware Wash Systems and subsequently vice president and general manager of Ware Wash International.

Since 2016 he served as ITW Group president Ware Wash, being responsible for the Global Ware Wash business of the ITW Food Equipment Group.

Further details:

Based in Offenburg, Germany, HOBART leads the world market in commercial warewashing technology. HOBART serves customers such as hotels, restaurants and caterers, bakeries and butcheries as well as supermarkets, airlines, cruise ships, automotive suppliers, research centres and pharmaceutical companies across the world. HOBART develops, produces and sells warewashing and cleaning, cooking, food preparation and waste treatment appliances and systems.

The company has a global workforce of 6,900 employees, approximately 1,100 of them in Germany. HOBART is a subsidiary of the US Illinois Tool Works (ITW) Group, which manufactures and sells a variety of products; the group has a staff of 50,000 employees in 800 autonomous companies in 56 countries.

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