Watch: FCSI roundtable on fire safety in commercial kitchens

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From design implications to preventative technology, leading consultants and Halton Group's global R&D director look at how the industry can collectively do a better job of fire safety

On Monday October 18, 2021, leading design consultants, plus the director of Global R&D for Halton, took part in an FCSI virtual roundtable to explore the main cause of fires in foodservice back of house spaces and whether we collectively as an industry can do a better job to prevent them from happening.

Chaired by Michael Jones of FCSI’s Foodservice Consultant magazine, the roundtable features Melissa Moore, Principal, Foodservice Design Professionals (FCSI Senior Associate) and Keith Short FCSI, Vice President, Design and Construction Services at Orlando Espinosa + Associates and Andrey Livchak, Director – Global R&D, Halton Group.

The roundtable, sponsored by Halton Group, addressed the following topics:

  • How does good fire safety shape design and vice versa?
  • Some of the entrenched concerns/myths about fire safety and the regulation for it.
  • Preventative measures already on the market and how can smart sensors, a modern IoT environment, and data analytics can be used to better understand the cause of fires.
  • Why clients need to invest in this kind of preventative technology.

You can watch the video of the roundtable below:

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