Video: Foodservice consultants talk about the connected kitchen at HostMilano 2019

Watch a panel of FCSI Professional members discuss the potential of the connected kitchen

The industry is buzzing with conversations about the connected kitchen, but what do we actually mean when we talk about it? For this panel session, hosted by Foodservice Consultant editor Tina Nielsen during HostMilano 2019, we gathered a panel of FCSI consultants to discuss this pertinent topic.

Taking part was Frank Wagner FCSI from Germany, Dene Rachid FCSI from Belgium and Joseph Schumaker FCSI from the US. They were joined by Pietro Romanazzi, innovation manager with Irinox who sponsored the session. Please watch the video below.

Ultimate potential

It was standing room only at the FCSI booth for the conversation, which touched on everything from the current picture where smart kitchens are concerned and the challenges operators, manufacturers and consultants face to the ultimate potential of the connected kitchen when all the pieces eventually fall into place.

While the consultants, through their experience with a wide-range of clients, could see the efficiency that can be achieved with increased connectivity, they agreed that in order to really notice any benefits of the smart kitchen several elements need to evolve.

Romanazzi from Irinox pleaded for time as he assured the panel manufacturers are working hard, but it is still early days in a market area that will sure be fascinating to track.


Pictured: Tina Nielsen, Frank Wagner FCSI, Dene Rachid FCSI, Joseph Schumaker FCSI, Pietro Romanazzi

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