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Setting up a gym within your hotel’s premises can help leave an indelible experience in the lives of your guests, says outsourcing expert Alan Ridgell

The need to improve muscle strength, boost endurance, and stay healthy are some of the reasons why people around the world indulge in regular physical activities. You may never know how much you can keep the doctor away by just doing some daily routine exercises until the body breaks down because you have not been exercising.

Oxygen delivery within your body that helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently is made easier by engaging in exercise. Hitting a gym is one way to exercise your body and no matter where you find yourself, you can easily get access to a public gym. For example, hotels usually have gym areas for their guests and if you own or run a hotel, you may want to know some tips to help you with creating an incredible hotel gym experience for your guests.

Ensure proper lighting and a nice view for the guests

When you own a hotel, you can accept to be responsible for the physical well-being of those that would come to patronize you. So, setting up a gym within your hotel’s premises will be a valiant effort in that regard.

However, you shouldn’t just set up a gym house for the purpose of collaboration among guests. You want to be sure that your gym leaves an indelible experience in the lives of your guests that make use of the facility.

One way to achieve this is to make sure that your gym area is well lit and presents a pleasant view to your guests. Proper lighting of a location draws people closer and even those that never had the intention of working out may change their minds just to be within the gym environment.

Think in-room working out

Some of your guests could feel lazy to go to the gym section of the hotel. Since you want to create an equal opportunity for all, you can include gym equipment in every room then. The gym equipment should be convenient for travelers who are interested in working out but do not have the time to go to the hotel gym.

For example, those on business trips may just want to quickly work out in their rooms before continuing their business on their laptops. Working out equipment like dumbbells, stationary bicycles, skipping ropes, and the like are some of the examples of equipment you should include in a room. Free weights can be easily stored without taking up too much space in the room which makes them the perfect option for all kinds of rooms. The room must be bigger if you plan to include stationary bikes and treadmills.

Let your gym’s interior design stand out

It is good to consider the layout of your gym area and get very good gym equipment too but the interior design of the gym room should not be forgotten. To ensure that the interior style of your hotel continues into your gym, you should source gym equipment that focuses on both aesthetics and functionality.

To pass on the interior elements and beautiful branding into the gym area, you can decide to customize the gym equipment to include specific colors and logos that are identical to the overall design of the hotel itself. The use of bold fitness machines for a dramatic interior and equipment with natural materials for a costly finish and unique style will create a perfect gym interior design.

Offer top-notch services

After putting all the beautiful equipment in place for a great experience, the overall guest experience should also be taken into consideration. You can offer the guests the opportunity to book in with qualified personal trainers upon their arrival. The guests can also be provided with clean towels, water bottles, and other things they may need post-workout.

These additional simple touches to the exquisite interior design, perfect lighting, and latest gym equipment can create that special experience that your guests would not forget in a hurry. All these services could even make your hotel pull in more traffic.

Final word

Quite a number of hotels these days have gym sections for their guests. Depending on the experience the guests get from there, the gyms could become popular.

Working out is very beneficial to health and if you have a gym in your hotel, you should structure it in such a way that your guests will be happy to make use of the facilities there regularly. These tips here will help you learn how to create incredible hotel gym experiences for guests. Wishing you the best as you practice them.

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