Foodservice Consultant on the road: Electrolux unveils SkyLine range

Promising "a new horizon in cooking", Electrolux's SkyLine combi ovens and blast chillers were revealed to press and leading UK partners in Pordenone, Italy, this week

When Electrolux Professional set out to overhaul its combi oven and blast chiller offering, the scale of ambition from the outset was suitably grand. “We wanted to redesign innovation. These are not just products, but solutions. This is a new horizon in cooking,” said Darren Lockley, head of region UK and Ireland.

Lockley and his team addressed representatives from Electrolux Professional’s top UK distributor partners and journalists, who were treated to an exclusive reveal of the new generation SkyLine machines in situ at the recently refurbished ‘Center of Excellence’ at the company’s corporate headquarters in Pordenone, Italy.

New horizons

The new SkyLine range, its name influenced by the fabulous vistas of the Venetian Alps and Alpine foothills of Friuli visible from the Pordeone factory, will officially roll out to the UK from April 2019. In time, the portfolio will ultimately replace Electrolux’s existing air-o-steam and air-o-chill ranges.

The machines have been put through the rigours of more than 20,000 hours of testing and benchmarked against leading combi oven and blast chiller competitors to create, said Philippe Zavattiero, SR VP commercial organization EU, Electrolux Professional, “a unique solution in the market.”

Skyline’s Cook&Chill system, states Electrolux Professional, is “born to set a new bar in the cook and chill concept, and ultimately in the overall professional kitchen business,” providing operators with “two appliances with one DNA.”

The ovens and blast chillers can communicate with each other thanks to the cutting-edge ‘SkyDuo’ smart technology, which can report current and future operations between multiple machines.

The future is ergonomic

This improved and streamlined efficiency will, says Electrolux Professional, result in “high food quality, reduced running costs and a comfortable working environment, thanks to the pioneering 4-star certified ergonomics,” which were evaluated by independent body ErgoCert.

The SkyLine PremiumS and ChillS models are the first appliances in the foodservice equipment industry to receive ergonomic certification. This innovation will contribute to a potential 75% reduction in sick leave and 25% increase in productivity for operators, according to the manufacturer.

“SkyLine is based on three solid roots: it is made for performance, ensuring excellent cooking and chilling results; it is made for business, guaranteeing up to +10% (*) on profit; and it is made for you, embracing the ergonomics and usability concept,” said Lockley.

“We believe that high-quality food can be prepared in healthy, stress-free and efficient kitchens. The SkyLine Ovens and Blast Chillers range was exactly designed to meet this purpose: to provide professional caterers with a revolutionary system able to make their kitchens better places to work, visibly human-friendly, lean and ergonomic spaces where great food is prepared and served to leave their customers fully amazed.”


This “human-friendly” aspect is central to the SkyLine offering. A significant investment in 3D motion capture technology, augmented reality (AR) and ergonomic testing in the R&D phase of development saw particular attention paid to the overall ease of use and maintenance of the equipment.

That research has led to optimal positioning of touchpoints on the machines for operators, ergonomic handles and optimal visibility of the food being cooked.

“Ergonomics is about improving peoples’ lives. Making our customers’ work-life easier and more profitable,” said Davide Benvenuti, user discovery and experience innovation leader, Electrolux Professional. “It’s about creating a useful and usable product.”

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