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Supported by Food Warming Equipment (FWE) Company, Inc., FCSI's special paper addresses how precision holding technology is changing the game

Precision holding technology continues to advance, with cutting-edge equipment now able to safely hold hot food to exact temperatures and moisture content for days. The benefits for operators are abundant. 

A new whitepaper from FCSI features input from a number of FCSI The Americas Professional members and is supported by Food Warming Equipment (FWE) Company, Inc.

The paper can be downloaded free of charge by simply entering your name and email address details on the below link on FWE’s website, or by clicking on the image (right).

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Precision is, of course, a key word for an industry that needs to deliver to more exacting customers with each passing year. “In my world, ‘precision’ [is relevant to] information, analytics and control technology,” explains foodservice consultant Stephen Young FCSI, managing member and executive principal of YoungCaruso in Denver, Colorado.

“Precision farming, precision menu planning, precision equipment controls and precision trouble shooting.”

Young says he has seen precision technology evolve “exponentially” over the past few years. “And it is still evolving, especially during a crisis in our industry such as Covid-19,” he adds.

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