FCSI whitepaper: Advantages and limitations of ventless technology

Supported by Halton, FCSI’s new whitepaper on ventless (ductless) innovation looks at the technology, the market and future opportunities

Ductless, or ventless, technology refers to cooking equipment that is fully self-contained and does not need overhead hoods. It can also refer to free-standing hoods that can be used in pop-up and mobile applications, or where the opportunity for traditional ventilation is limited. But where are the opportunities in this segment and how will the technology evolve?

A new whitepaper from FCSI exploring this burgeoning technology, feature insight from FCSI Professional members and is produced in partnership with Halton.

The whitepaper can be downloaded free of charge by clicking on the link below or the image.

FCSI Whitepaper: Advantages and limitations of ventless (ductless) technology

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