Dominique Crenn is named honorary president of the Bocuse d’Or 2023

The French chef was chosen as the whole jury for the culinary competition was unveiled in anticipation of the event in January

Organizers say that Crenn, the first female chef in the US to hold three Michelin stars, is “the perfect embodiment of the values of international opening, feminism, excellence and modernity in cooking. Dominique Crenn is the ideal chef to be the Honorary President of the Bocuse d’Or Grand Finale.”

Crenn who hails from Brittany has lived in San Francisco and made her career as a chef in the city since arriving in 1988 and began her culinary apprenticeship at Stars with her mentor Jeremiah Tower.

She opened Atleier Crenn in 2011 and seven years later she became the first female chef in the US to receive the three stars from the Michelin guide.

Cuisine and tasting juries

Bocuse d’Or has also announced the full jury for the event is held during Sirha Lyon in January. The jury will be chaired by Davy Tissot, the most recent chef to win the competition in 2021 and who comes from a background training with great French chefs including Paul Bocuse.

The juries will judge the plates and platters prepared by the 24 competing countries, working with monkfish and around the novel theme of ‘Feed the kids’ for education on eating well.

The panel of 12 selected international chefs making up the cuisine jury will be supporting and advising the chefs throughout the competition. The tasting jury, meanwhile, is made up of 24 chefs, each selected by a competing country.

“Since its inception, the Bocuse d’Or has evaluated the precision of the tastes, the presentation and the harmony of the flavors. In 2015, this assessment was completed by the creation of a Cuisine Jury, which takes another look at the work of the chef,” explains Régis Marcon, president of the International Organising Committee of the Bocuse d’Or.“Its assessment allows us to understand how the candidate behaves, who he is, how he manages his team and uses the products at his disposal.The cuisine jury does not only judge the candidates but also supports them throughout the competition.”

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