Watch: How technology can help further your foodservice operation

The changing demands of commercial kitchens, sustainability and future trends were among the topics discussed by leading FCSI The Americas consultants in this Innovation spotlight panel session

Leading FCSI The Americas consultants joined this talk, supported by Irinox North America, as part of the Innovation Spotlight virtual panel session series, which sees consultants join industry professionals to discuss how new technologies are helping operators.

Chaired by Tina Nielsen, editor of FCSI’s Foodservice Consultant magazine, the discussion saw foodservice  consultants Christine Gurtler FCSI, design director of New York-based Jacobs Doland Beer, and FCSI Associate Andrey Teleguz, principal of Scopos Hospitality Services, join Ronald van Bakergem, president of Irinox North America for an expansive conversation about using technology to further a foodservice operation.

The panel covered topics, including:

  • Finding new ways to serve customers beyond the dining room
  • Supply chain and labor market challenges
  • Implementing multi-functional equipment to deal with shifting demands on the kitchen
  • How sustainability will continue to be a priority in the foodservice sector
  • Short and medium-term challenges and opportunities for operators, consultants and manufacturers

You can watch the video of the panel session below:


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