FCSI whitepaper: Striking a balance in education foodservice

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Supported by Atlas Metal, FCSI’s special whitepaper outlines the recent trends and challenges in the delivery of educational foodservice

An ever-changing market segment at the best of times, the educational foodservice sector has seen unprecedented development in the last few years. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic means that students returning to school will likely face a different set-up in the dining halls with beefed up hygiene and sanitation.

Regardless of the global pandemic, however, this is an area that has long posed a challenge for operators, manufacturers and consultants in the pursuit of a balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal.

A new whitepaper from FCSI, produced in partnership with Atlas Metal, explores this dynamic sector, taking in the views from leading FCSI members who comment on the changing requirements of an increasingly sophisticated demographic and what this means for equipment specification.

The whitepaper can be downloaded free of charge by clicking on the link below or the image.

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“So much has changed – the need for more social distancing, staff shortages, shipping and supply chain issues — as consultants we have to work together with others to brainstorm and talk through new solutions for these challenges,” says Senior FCSI Associate Melissa Moore, owner of Foodservice Design Professionals.

“Of all the segments, I think education establishments have done a fabulous job of adjusting and accommodating because their first priority is to make sure the students are fed no matter where they are,” says Amy Hegarty FCSI, principal of Foodservice Consultants Studio.

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