Three stars at last for Michelin Nordic

The Michelin Nordic Guide 2016 has awarded three stars for the first time

Two nordic restaurants have been awarded with the maximum three Michelin stars in a first for the guide in the nordic countries. Geranium in the Danish capital, headed up by chef Rasmus Kofoed, and Oslo restaurant Maaemo with Esben Holmboe Bang at the helm have both been announced as the big winners of the 2016 announcement. Only 116 restaurants around the world have three star status.

But the headlines in in the nordic newspapers will likely focus on Michelin’s focus on restaurants outside the capital cities. In a big nod to the nordic provinces, the guide has awarded more stars outside the major cities than ever before. These include the renowned restaurant Kadeau on the island of Bornholm and Hotel Frederiksminde in the south. Fäviken Magasinet in the remote forests of Sweden received two stars, making its first entry in the guide.

“This year’s guide is particularly exciting because, as well as awarding two new three Stars, we have also, for the first time, expanded the reach of our guide outside of the main cities and into the countryside,” said Rebecca Burr, editor of the guide. “We have handpicked the very best restaurants and hotels for our readers from across Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden – and this has resulted in a bumper crop of new Stars for 2016.”

Tina Nielsen

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