At your convenience: exploring innovation at INTERNORGA 2020

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Many of the challenges faced by modern professional kitchens are being met by innovation within the convenience sector, and there’s no better place to explore upcoming trends than INTERNORGA 2020

Taking place from 13 to 17 March 2020 in Hamburg, Germany, INTERNORGA, the international trade show for foodservice and hospitality will be showcasing the latest cost-effective, time-saving and high-quality solutions across the sector. From classic pre-prepared products to high-quality ready meals, a diverse range of products will be on display from well-known exhibitors, including Block Menü, European Convenience Food, Unilever, McCain and Ardo.

Consumer demand for more conscious nutrition has also increased the number of products without additives being brought to the market. Vegetarian and vegan products, as well as a wide selection of organic options, now form part of the convenience portfolio as a matter of course.

Creative solutions

Popular in the restaurant industry, hotels and canteens, high-quality frozen products provide kitchens with fresh produce that can be hygienically and safely stored over a long shelf life. It is also easy to portion out and available all year round.

“Frozen products offer endless possibilities for the restaurant and catering industry to implement their concepts for guests,” says Dr Sabine Eichner, managing director of the German frozen food institute, Deutsches Tiefkühlinstitut. Top sellers include baked goods (34% of total sales), followed by meat (15%) and vegetables (almost 12%).

“The many innovations on the market show that the convenience sector these days is much more than just a bag of pre-cooked vegetables. Whether it is frozen burger patties or vegan fruit tarts, customers’ desires for new, trendy meals and baked goods are being met, without neglecting the requirements of and usability for professional kitchens in the process,” says Claudia Johannsen, division manager at show organiser Hamburg Messe und Congress.

“Restaurants and catering businesses need to assert themselves more than ever among the competition. That requires new, creative product solutions, which the convenience sector is providing.”

Convenience solutions also offer numerous benefits to support restaurant planning, especially for small kitchens and those operating with less specialist staff. From simple handling and a wide selection of portions, to consistent availability of even seasonal products, convenience products make life easier for professional chefs.

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