CESABIM goes live

CESABIM, the central Building Information Modelling (BIM) database for the catering equipment industry, has gone live

The database currently has 22 manufacturers and equipment brands either live on the site or pending, as their BIM models are developed.

“We have been working closely with manufacturers, consultants and kitchen designers to develop the parameters and attributes of the CESABIM models, to ensure communality,” says Keith Warren, director of CESA. “The result is a harmonised database, so that all the different manufacturers’ models can be used together easily.”

CESABIM is a non-commercial library of BIM models and data for the catering equipment industry. The initiative has been developed by CESA in partnership with BIM specialist, Schematic Ltd. It makes the specification and design of kitchens easier, by using BIM models prepared to a standardised format structure and level of detail. Models for CESABIM are prepared in IFC (industry foundation class) format, which can be used on all proprietary software systems such as Autoscheme, ArchiCAD, Revit etc. There are over 150 BIM programs that support IFC files.

“A key benefit of CESABIM is that designers and consultants, who are full members of CEDA and FCSI, can download the models free of charge,” says Warren. “CESA members can have their models held in the database for free, too. It represents a very significant investment for CESA, but the benefits in = terms of usability and functionality will be very important for the industry.”

In the UK and continental Europe, from 2016, it will be an essential requirement for all public sector projects to be modelled in BIM. “While this is a key driver for the move to BIM, it shouldn’t be forgotten that Building Information Modelling is a huge opportunity for the industry,” says Nick Oryino, chair of CESA. “For suppliers, it means their products and data can be compared on a like-for-like basis, including elements such as energy consumption. For designers and operators, it will reduce construction costs and allow effective planning and control.”

Every CESA, CEDA and FCSI full member can receive a free software license from Schematic that will allow them to download BIM compliant models.

For more information, visit CESA here

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