The magazine and ‘Find a Member’ apps

The Foodservice Consultant magazine app

The Foodservice Consultant magazine app is available on your smart phone and tablet. The app is free to download for members and offers intelligence and insight for foodservice industry professionals everywhere. Read our one-page highlight on the app.

Download the magazine app now (from a smart device only):

iTunes Store
Google Play

Once you have downloaded the app, the latest issue of Foodservice Consultant will automatically appear on your home screen as soon as a new issue of the magazine is available. To log into the app on your tablet/smart phone device please use your email as listed in your FCSI database profile and your Constituent ID (if you need this information please contact your Divisional or Worldwide FCSI office). The app also features a ‘Find a member’ function so that potential clients can easily identify and locate the right FCSI members for their needs, whether that’s a professional consultant or a manufacturer member.

FCSI members can also upload details of their latest projects or products on the app, showcasing their expertise and experience to new clients.

Members, click here to enter your top 10 projects or products.

To log into this special section you will use the same Username and Password as when you log into the website.
(Please note: this is different than when you originally downloaded the app.)

Need help on how to use the app? Download our FCSI app guide.


The standalone ‘Find a member’ app

FCSI have also launched a separate ‘Find a member’ app featuring the isolated FCSI member search function, plus the enhanced members profiles showcasing the latest projects and products from members.

To download the ‘Find a member’ app, open up a web browser on your device and load the following URL:

A pop-up message will ask if you would like to share your current location. Please select ‘ok’ to be able to use the ‘Find a Member’ app and its location services. Click on the ‘Share’ icon and add to your device’s home screen.

More detailed instructions for downloading the ‘Find a member’ app can be found here.