Products, trends and innovations: INTERNORGA 2020’s Newcomers Area

Focusing on "healthy, sustainable and innovative" the Newcomers Area will see approximately 20 ambitious new companies judged by experts

At the Newcomers Area at INTERNORGA, the international show for the entire foodservice and hospitality market held in Hamburg, Germany on 13-17 March 2020, approximately 20 new companies will be judged by an audience of experts on their relative “healthy, sustainable and innovative” credentials.

As a driver of trends, the show has repeatedly provided fresh impetus and been the first to present innovative ideas to the market. The selection of products in the Newcomers Area this year ranges from healthy alternatives to chips from a Michelin-starred chef to environmentally friendly coffee capsules and hemp-based foods.

Below is a selection from the Newcomers Area on the ground floor of Hall B4, at a glance:

fwip GmbH – a revolution on the ice cream market

It works without cleaning, is a piece of cake to operate, is fast and saves space: in times of a lack of specialist staff and a glut of hygiene regulations, the high-tech ice cream machine ‘Portobello’ can help anyone – from chain stores to system catering businesses, work canteens, restaurants and food trucks – generate additional ice cream sales without major outlay. The machine works using pods, which are completely recyclable and can be reused up to five times. The capsules do not need to be removed after the ice cream is portioned out, because this is handled by the integrated waste container, which shows on a digital display when it needs to be emptied. The machine works with or without cupholders. With a cupholder, ‘cups to go’ can be filled. Without a cupholder, cones, sundaes and frozen desserts can be created as desired. There are six delicious, award-winning ice cream varieties to accompany the machine: plain frozen yogurt, vanilla, chocolate and salted caramel flavours of Italian gelato, and creamy mango and strawberry sorbet as the two vegan options.

Frittenlove GmbH – chips from a Michelin-star chef

Sascha Wolter, the founder of Frittenlove GmbH, is known for his culinary expertise: the former Michelin-star chef has 23 years of professional experience, five years of which were in his own Michelin-awarded restaurant. In 2018, he convinced the investor Frank Thelen in the German version of the television programme ‘Dragons’ Den’. Today, Wolter is focused on creating extraordinary chips from ingredients including chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, black truffles and falafel, setting gourmets’ hearts racing in the process. With the motto ‘Chips are old news, today is about Fritten’, Frittenlove produces potato products that, in contrast to traditional chips, are not cut from potatoes, but produced from homemade mashes refined with various ingredients. The international expert audience can find out for themselves how that tastes at their booth.

Hanfbörse – hemp-based foods for sustainable consumption

The products from Hanfbörse in Halberstadt provide sustainability in the restaurant industry. The team of founders is committed to making use of the most versatile crop on the planet, producing and marketing hemp-based food products for the restaurant industry, hotels and catering. With the business constantly growing, Hanfbörse now cultivates its own hemp on an area of 100 hectares and is responsible for economically and ecologically sensible value creation within a radius of just 50 kilometres. The hemp production is currently used to make liqueur, cake, oil, tea, nuts, flour and Hemp

just green GmbH – unique tea variations

ma:tea and ai:tea are the two brands from the recently founded Dortmund-based beverage manufacturer, which will be represented in the Newcomers Area for the second time. Organic, vegan pick-me-ups based on Japanese matcha tea are sold under the ma:tea brand. In this drink, a unique taste is combined with an invigorating effect, which according to the manufacturer lasts for several hours. Since the end of 2019, the ai:tea range has also been available. In this case, vegan cold-brewed teas are made from genuine, fair-trade white tea leaves, with a taste reminiscent of a freshly prepared iced tea.

Just Taste GmbH – healthy pasta alternatives from vegetables

80% less carbohydrate, three times more protein and ten times more fibre – the first large-scale catering companies have already become aware of the new organic vegetable pasta varieties from Just Taste GmbH and are making use of them successfully. At five minutes, the cooking time is extremely short, no additional oil is needed to prevent sticking and the natural colours of the vegetables used are preserved after cooking. With its appearance in the Newcomers Area, the recently founded company wants to impress the expert audience with its creative and healthy pasta alternatives. Whether it is edamame, black bean, chickpea or sweet potato – the colourful varieties offer many advantages over conventional durum wheat semolina pasta and consist of only one or two ingredients each. As well as being organic, they are also gluten-free, vegan and kosher. Each product is made CO2-neutral through corresponding carbon offsetting.

Mycups – a perfect pleasure that is also to the environment’s taste

First-class organic coffees and organic teas in sustainable organic capsules – that is Mycups. The capsules made of organic raw materials fit into common capsule coffee machines, are free from environmentally harmful aluminium and plastic, are CO2-neutral and are completely biodegradable within a short period of time. The company based in Frankfurt an der Oder offers a wide range of certified-organic speciality coffees and teas for connoisseurs and aficionados alike. The start-up was the state winner in the KfW Award Gründen thanks to this environmentally conscious corporate idea. The diverse range, consistently high quality and practical megaboxes mean My-CoffeeCup and My-TeaCup are also suitable partners for the restaurant industry, hotels and conference locations.

OS-Original STROHhalm GmbH – back to the roots

The founders of OS-Original STROHhalm GmbH believe it is time for straws to go back to their roots. They want to provide the INTERNORGA expert audience with a surprising and extraordinary drinking experience: the genuine, gluten-free straws are cultivated naturally from wheat. After harvesting the grain, the remaining stems are processed into straws: they are cut, sorted, peeled and gently sterilised with hot water. After use, they are 100% compostable as garden waste and are returned to the natural cycle: new grows from old. These genuine straws are a purely organic product that does not have to be produced artificially. In addition, the straws do not need a coating or glue, as they are naturally waterproof.

P-Stash GmbH – a different kind of pistachio snack

The small indulgence factory in Berlin advertises itself as being dedicated to the production of extraordinary nut creations that stand out from the crowd due to their exquisite taste and tempting appearance. The roasting is done with a lot of love and patience, in the traditional Persian style: in small quantities and at low temperatures, the nuts are given plenty of time to develop their full aroma. The whole process takes place by hand and without the addition of fat. Ideally matched spice combinations add a special something to the P-Stash nut creations and ensure an unforgettable taste experience. Visitors to INTERNORGA can taste pistachios with chilli and orange, almonds with vanilla and cinnamon, or cashews with pepper and lemon. 

Smoothr – for digital, efficient restaurants

This Hamburg-based start-up helps restaurateurs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to digitise their ordering and billing processes through self-ordering. As a flexible partner, Smoothr offers both hardware and software and provides them to its customers with an individual design/branding. For this purpose, the company offers web solutions as well as self-order terminals, pick-up screens and the new self-order tablets. The Smoothr Cooler is celebrating its premiere at INTERNORGA. This smart refrigerator is the next generation of conventional beverage vending machines. With the smart fridge, restaurateurs can sell their to-go products in offices, shopping centres, airports and train stations, among other locations. The process is simple and theft-proof because, with the help of artificial intelligence, cameras can detect which products are being taken. With this innovation, restaurateurs can sell their to-go products everywhere, completely autonomously, in smart refrigerators or boxes. This solution also serves as a great alternative to the company canteen for small and medium-sized companies.

Superfood Factory GmbH – 100%-natural superfood soft drinks

The Superfood Factory is a creative and social food company based in Munich. Founded in January 2019, the team led by Managing Director Martin Friedl (formerly of Red Bull and Heineken) has brought real innovations to the market in a short time with a lot of dynamism and expertise. This has resulted in 100%-natural superfood refreshment drinks, including superfoods such as jiaogulan, which translates as ‘herb of immortality’, and functional hemp and coffee drinks that, together with delicious superfood juices, have become thirst quenchers. According to the manufacturer, all the drinks are low in calories, with no added sugar, vegan and sold in a 330 ml reusable glass bottle. The new 60 ml Superfood Shots, which cover 100% of the daily requirement of important vitamins and vital substances, are being released just in time for INTERNORGA.

The Foodvenience Company – a success pioneer

The founders of the Foodvenience Company discover, develop and own market-proven brands, formats, products and services for the food and convenience channel. They support customers when it comes to questions about new or existing locations and concepts. Independent of any industry participation, but with a high level of market insight, the recently founded company delivers tailor-made concepts to the respective locations. On request, the supply chain, costings and operations at the point of sale can be checked and optimised. At INTERNORGA, the founders will present two concepts designed to revolutionise the pizza- and chips-on-the-go market in Germany. Within a short period and unmanned, freshly made products, which can also be tasted, will be presented on-site.

Further details

INTERNORGA is the leading trade fair for hotels, restaurants, bakery and confectionery. It has more than 1,300 exhibitors from Germany and abroad and over 95,000 trade visitors, showcasing products, innovations, trends and innovations plus digital innovations for the whole of the foodservice and hospitality market. The trade show is accompanied by international conferences, an extensive supporting programme, and innovative industry competitions.

For more information on INTERNORGA 2020, see the website.

Photo: ©Hamburg Messe und Congress / Rolf Otzipka

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