Masterclass – Paving Ways to Sustainability

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Paving ways to modern, sustainable, fully connected kitchens. Key considerations for planning and thermal equipment

When it comes to sustainability, everyone has to step up – governments, civil society, and industry alike. We have big goals ahead of us: sustainable growth, drastically reducing CO2 emissions, keeping our planet a place worth living. And we can only achieve those goals together, through a multi-pronged approach covering the entire value chain. But big things start small. With sustainable kitchen concepts, for example.

A firm commitment to innovation, digitization, and durability in investments is key to a comprehensive sustainability approach. But how does that translate into actual kitchen planning? How do we convince investors to support such an approach? How do sustainable kitchens benefit their users? And finally, what does all of this mean for you as a kitchen planning professional?

Robert Munday will be addressing these questions and many others, sharing knowledge and inspiration, ideas and solutions. We already associate Paris with the Climate Accords; after this masterclass, you’ll associate it with innovative – and sustainable – kitchen concepts as well.

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This session will form part of the Masterclass program during the 2022 FCSI EAME Conference. For information, please check out the full program.