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Vietnam’s rising tide of tourism

Experts are urging hospitality operators to keep their eyes trained on Vietnam, as GlobalData predicts tourism to reach 13.4 million by 2021, reports Emily Lewis

Chinese government demands Marriott digital shutdown

In January, Shanghai government officials requested the shut down of Marriott’s web-based platforms, following misunderstandings over the company’s online conduct. Emily Lewis reports

A flexible future: foodservice and the gig economy

Emily Lewis speaks to Antony Woodcock, chief executive of Gig, about the gig economy and what it might mean for the future of foodservice

Asia Pacific and the veggie invasion

As plant-based products sweep the US and Europe, Emily Lewis looks at whether the Eastern hemisphere is as keen on its greens

Cashless and cashier-less: Amazon pioneers AI in newest venture

As e-commerce giant Amazon opens its first unmanned store in Seattle, retailers across the globe scramble to scrap the cashier, reports Emily Lewis

McDonald’s gets digital with futuristic dining strategy

In 2017, QSR powerhouse McDonald’s began to roll out its Experience of the Future dining strategy across the globe, with Hong Kong set to be a major player

Marijuana: blazing trails in 2018?

With Canada expected to legalise recreational use of marijuana by next July, the real innovations of 2018 will be edibles and drinkables, reports Emily Lewis

Starbucks opens new Shanghai Reserve Roastery

Excitement is brewing for Starbucks’ prospects in China in 2018, with promising figures revealed in the Q4 earnings call and a successful launch of its Shanghai Reserve Roastery, reports Emily Lewis

Europe takes the lead in 2017 Food Sustainability Index

European countries have filled the top ranks of the Food Sustainability Index 2017, leaving behind the US and China, reports Emily Lewis

Post-hurricane US sees jump in restaurant jobs

The 2017 October Jobs Report from the US Department of Labor highlighted employment growth in the hospitality sector, Emily Lewis reports