Revit standards


The Revit Foodservice Equipment Standards document has been updated for 2015. All files and documents pertaining to the Revit Foodservice Equipment Standards can now be found here, and they are available for all members and non-members to access. Highlights include newly clarified standards for line subcategories, including their line styles, and a materials library file for family creation to allow for greater consistency. There is also a statement addressing the need to keep Revit Foodservice Equipment families within two versions of the current Revit release.  Manufacturers are encouraged to not create families as wall based or face based as this can cause issues with linked files. These updates will aid in better quality families for all users.

The current proposed standards changes from FCSI The Americas have been submitted to IFSE and FCSI Worldwide for consideration.  If you would like to receive and invite to participate in the IFSE committee or would like to make further comments regarding the V1.1 that was posted, please email Wade Koehler. 


2015 Revit standards

FCSI shared parameters list (.pdf)

FCSI shared parameters list (.txt)