Professional membership process

The ultimate goal for FCSI is to see its consultant members acquire Professional membership. This section provides details on qualifications and preparation required to become a Professional consultant member of FCSI.

Qualifying for Professional Membership

An Associate member who has decided to enter into the Professional Membership Process (PMP) must first apply as a Senior Associate. Senior Associate members must be active consultants who have at least 3 years total project management responsibility. This responsibility includes the management of projects from proposal to completion. From the time an Associate member is approved as a Senior Associate, he/she has three years to complete the PMP.

In order to become a Senior Associate, the applicant must request an application for Senior Associate by contacting Penny Price, Director of Member Services. The application requires the applicant to provide 3 project references, 2 professional member endorsements and/or complete an interview with 2 members of the Membership Committee.

The Process of Becoming a Professional Member

  • Upgrade your membership from Associate to Senior Associate
  • Prepare for and pass the Industry Knowledge Exam (IKE), which is a multiple choice exam
  • Prepare for and pass the Professional Skills Exam, which has written and oral presentation components (PSE requirement is suspended until 2023)

The Body of Knowledge to Prepare for the Exams

Live Online Proctoring for the Industry Knowledge Exam

FCSI The Americas partners with Meazure Learning to offer the Industry Knowledge Exam online. The exam is administered at your location through online proctoring services. Meazure Learning developed two new resources to help test-takers get ready for live proctoring:

  • What to Expect provides a detailed walk through of the entire check-in process including videos that show your test-takers what to expect during their exam.
  • The Test-taker Resource Center details how to create an account, describes system requirements, displays a full video showing the test-taking experience, lists FAQs and includes a link to test-taker support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become a Professional Member?
Becoming a Professional Member of this Society confirms you have experience providing foodservice consulting services, subscribe to a high ethical standard and code of professional conduct, and have agreed to continue your professional knowledge through continuing education. This serves as notice to the industry that, as a consultant member, you are serious about serving your clients and the industry as well as continuing to improve as a professional.

How do I become a Professional Member?

  • Upgrade your FCSI membership to Senior Associate, at which time you have three years to become a Professional Member. Upon approval as a Senior Associate Member, you will receive the IKE Candidate Packet which will help you understand and prepare for The Industry Knowledge Exam.**
  • Review the available resources included in the Body of Knowledge (BOK) on the FCSI website. Aside from investing in the textbooks as part of the Body of Knowledge, there are several resources available free online.
  • Prepare for and pass the Industry Knowledge Exam (IKE), which is a multiple-choice exam.

Are there knowledge and skills that Professional Members must demonstrate?
As specified in FCSI’s Bylaws, a Professional Consultant Member of FCSI shall demonstrate a high level of competence in and knowledge of the following:

What is FCSI’s Body of Knowledge for the Industry Knowledge Exam (IKE)?
The Body of Knowledge (BOK) is a list of resources to help Senior Associates prepare for the IKE. The knowledge and skills assessed by the IKE are referenced specifically to the resources in the BOK.

How does FCSI support me as I’m working toward professional membership?
Upon becoming a Senior Associate, FCSI TA Staff is available to answer any questions you may have as you move through the Professional Membership Process. You may also request a current Professional Member to serve as a mentor while you work through the PMP.

What is involved in preparing for the Industry Knowledge Exam (IKE)?
The IKE questions are created specifically from sections of the resources defined by the Body of Knowledge. These sections are spelled out in the Industry Knowledge Exam Candidate Information Packet. Successfully completing this exam is achieved by implementing a personal study plan based on your own learning skills.


For questions about the Professional Membership Process, contact Penny Price, Director of Member Services, at, or 309-808-2165.