Professional membership process

The ultimate goal for FCSI is to see its consultant members acquire Professional membership. This section provides details on qualifications and preparation required to become a Professional consultant member of FCSI.

Qualifying for Professional Membership

An Associate member who has decided to enter into the Professional Membership Process (PMP) must first apply as a Senior Associate. Senior Associate members must be active consultants who have at least 3 years total project management responsibility. This responsibility includes the management of projects from proposal to completion. From the time an Associate member is approved as a Senior Associate, he/she has three years to complete the PMP.

In order to become a Senior Associate, the applicant must request an application for Senior Associate by contacting Penny Price, Director of Member Services. The application requires the applicant to provide 3 project references, 2 professional member endorsements and/or complete an interview with 2 members of the Membership Committee.

The Process of Becoming a Professional Member

  • Upgrade your membership from Associate to Senior Associate
  • Prepare for and pass the Industry Knowledge Exam (IKE), which is a multiple choice exam
  • Prepare for and pass the Professional Skills Exam (either PSE Track #1 or PSE Track #2), which are written and oral presentations

The Body of Knowledge to Prepare for the Exams

Frequently Asked Questions


For questions about the Professional Membership Process, contact Kimberly Kissel, FCSI-TA Director of Education, at, or 309-808-2165.