Professional membership process

The ultimate goal for FCSI is to see its consultant members acquire Professional membership. This section provides details on qualifications and preparation required to become a Professional consultant member of FCSI.

Qualifying for Professional Membership

An Associate member who has decided to enter into the Professional Membership Process (PMP) must first apply as a Senior Associate. Senior Associate members must be active consultants who have at least 3 years total project management responsibility. This responsibility includes the management of projects from proposal to completion. From the time an Associate member is approved as a Senior Associate, he/she has three years to complete the PMP.

In order to become a Senior Associate, the applicant must request an application for Senior Associate by contacting Penny Price, Director of Member Services. The application requires the applicant to provide 3 project references, 2 professional member endorsements and/or complete an interview with 2 members of the Membership Committee.

The Process of Becoming a Professional Member

  • Upgrade your membership from Associate to Senior Associate
  • Prepare for and pass the Industry Knowledge Exam (IKE), which is a multiple choice exam
  • Prepare for and pass the Professional Skills Exam, which has written and oral presentation components (PSE requirement is suspended until 2022)

The Body of Knowledge to Prepare for the Exams

Live Online Proctoring for the Industry Knowledge Exam

FCSI The Americas partners with Scantron examination services to offer the Industry Knowledge Exam online. This video will walk you through that process from scheduling the exam through the actual start of the test. A copy of the slides with additional helpful links is available here.

Frequently Asked Questions – Becoming a Professional Member


For questions about the Professional Membership Process, contact Penny Price, Director of Member Services, at, or 309-808-2165.