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2016 FCSI-TA Conference

April 14-16, 2016 · Nashville, Tennessee

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Please note all events take place at the Loews Vanderbilt unless otherwise noted. Schedule subject to change.

Friday, April 15, 2016 

OPENING KEYNOTE: What Most Influential People Do Differently
Presenter: Garrison Wynn

Be prepared to laugh and learn as this research-based, entertaining keynote reveals how top performers in your industry harness the power of their personal influence. #1 bestselling author Garrison Wynn delivers a high-energy program that answers four monumental questions: How do you get people to do what you want them to do? How can you consistently create employee and client engagement in the food service industry? Can you clearly explain the value your organization has to offer and get people to buy-into change quickly? And, how can you keep and attract the top talent (from all generations) you’ll need for a successful future? With an emphasis on what you can actually walk out of the session with and achieve tomorrow; this program shows you how to weather the perfect storm while still looking really good in a raincoat!

BUSINESS BREAKOUT: Successful at any Size – the Business of Consulting
Presenters: Kristin Sedej, FCSI, President-Principal, S2O Consultants, Inc., Christine Guyott, FCSI, RD, Principal, Rippe Associates, Kathleen Seelye, FFCSI (PP), Managing Partner, Ricca Design Studios

Success is not defined by how big your firm is, how many employees you have, or how many projects you are currently working on, but each of these factors certainly impacts your firm’s daily operations and long term goals.  Join three consultants from three different sized firms as they discuss the unique challenges and successes they’ve each encountered while managing employees and projects.

CONSULTING BREAKOUT: The Conversation Before the Installation
Presenters: David Hahn, CFSP, President, Food Equipment Services Company (FESCO), Mike Berard, FCSI, President, Commercial Kitchen Consulting, LLC, Jim Edwards, LEED Green Associate, Construction Project Manager, Gaylord Opryland, Joe Schumaker, Principal Design Consultant, SCG FoodSpace, Mark Leberte, President, Atech, Inc.; Moderator, Beth Lorenzini, Editor-in-Chief, Foodservice Equipment Reports

Are you working with your service agent to provide the best customer service to your clients? Join in this frank discussion between consultants and service agents as they reveal their collective strengths and shortcomings when trying to collaborate on a project. Listen in to learn each point of view and realize the pressures for these two segments and how to better communicate and develop a stronger relationship with your local service agents.

Presenter: Janet Walls, Chief Change Consultant, Delta Blvd.

Subscribers to the Harvard Business Review rated the ability to communicate “the most important fact in making an executive promotable” – even more important than ambition, education, and hard work.  It is imperative that you understand how to effectively and successfully communicate with your co-workers and clients and Janet is prepared to tell you how!

BUSINESS BREAKOUT: Compensation – What Employers and Employees Need to Know
Presenter: Kate Allen, P.E., PSMJ

As competition for limited talent resources heats up, employers need to understand the role compensation plays in attracting and retaining key staff – your firm’s greatest asset! The financial performance of a firm and employee compensation are an integrated system.  The more successful a firm is, the more options they have to attract and retain key talent. This session will review several sources on salary surveys, including the survey recently administered by FCSI The Americas.

CONSULTING BREAKOUT: Restaurant Reality 2016
Presenter: Chris Tripoli, FCSI, President, A’la Carte Foodservice Consulting

It’s time to face reality… with increasingly busy schedules and a plethora of great restaurant options, there is no question that people are dining out more often.  But with costs increasing and competition more intense than ever, restaurant owners are searching for inventive ways to raise revenue, manage expenses and increase profits. This session will explore today’s industry’s challenges, current market trends, and how successful operators are winning by making improvements in their menu, management techniques, and marketing practices. Actual examples will be discussed and case studies presented.  Are you ready to face reality?

INTRO BREAKOUT: Market Segmentation: Your Industry Toolbox
Presenter: James Camacho, FCSI, CSI, FCSI The Americas Chair, President, Camacho Associates, Inc.

While some foodservice consultants focus their practice on only one area of expertise, many consultants offer services in a variety of different markets.  This session is geared toward the emerging consultant interested in learning more about the different market segments that exist within the foodservice and hospitality industries.  The presenter will identify each segment and explore their similarities, differences, and unique demands.  Market segments covered in this session will include: corrections facilities, K – 12 schools, higher education institutions, hotels, healthcare, and corporate facilities.


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Saturday, April 16, 2016

GENERAL SESSION: Lab Meets the Real World: Case Studies of Energy Efficient Upgrades that Saved Money
Presenter: Richard Young, Director of Education, Food Service Technology Center

Energy and water efficient equipment might look great in the lab, but how do savings hold up in the tough and unpredictable environment of a real world kitchen? The only way to find out is to “take it to the field” and measure the results. The Food Service Technology Center has been pitting the lab against the field for over 25 years and reporting all that information so that designers and operators can make informed decisions. This session will share the stories behind several case studies created by the FSTC as part of their field demonstration projects and offer some practical tools for estimating savings and cost-justifying efficient equipment.

BUSINESS BREAKOUT: The Consultants’ Role in Foodservice’s Changing Technological Landscape
Presenters: Karen Malody, FCSI, MSW, Principal, Culinary Options, AJ Barker, Director of Operations/Chef, Think Tank HG/CK+B, Tom Hilton, Innovative Hospitality Solutions; Moderator, Joe Carbonara, Editorial Director, Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Magazine and restaurant development + design magazine

For foodservice operators across all categories front and back of the house technology continues to become a more integral part of their value proposition. That’s because customer-facing technologies such as digital menu boards, kiosk ordering systems and back of the house systems such as point of sales now work together to help create impactful brand experience and allow operators to better manage their businesses. Because these systems impact both the consumer and employee journey through a foodservice operation, FCSI consultants will need to help their customers specify the right tools to help manage their businesses effectively and efficiently. Our panel of experts will discuss the changing role of technology and how that will impact the value proposition FCSI members offer their customers moving forward.

CONSULTING BREAKOUT: Pending Energy Regulations and their Impact on Commercial Refrigeration and the Specification Community

Presenter: Charlie Souhrada, CFSP, Director, Member Services, NAFEM

You’ve heard the rumors. You know it’s coming. But are you prepared? All of the government changes regarding future commercial refrigeration are confusing and conflicting. Charlie Souhrada, NAFEM’s Director of Member Services, has been fully immersed in the challenges and legal activities regarding these changes and he’s eager to share his knowledge with you!  You won’t want to miss this compelling session which will bring you up to speed on the new regulations and help you better understand how these changes will affect you as a member of the specification community.

Presenter: Steve Carlson, FCSI, President, Rippe Associates

This popular session is back by demand and will cover terms and concepts related to electrical, water, gas, drainage, steam and chilled water, refrigeration and exhaust. Not only will introductory concepts be covered, but more advanced topics as well. Hold onto your seat as Steve Carlson breezes through a ton of information on this important aspect of foodservice.

BUSINESS BREAKOUT: Climb the Charts: Top 4 Reasons your Firm Should be Utilizing Social Media
Presenters: Kathleen Held, CPSM Cini-Little, Susan Merrigan, FSMPS, CPSM, Marketing Director, Perkins+Will

Social media is no longer a marketing afterthought for companies and organizations. Most firms are not only present across the major social media platforms they are actively planning strategic campaigns around social activity.  Are you ready to hit the social media stage? Come learn how a top consulting firm has left their mark.

CONSULTANT BREAKOUT: Cocktails and Dreams
Presenter: Rick Fogel, BarStarz

Do you have what it takes to design a really great bar that will make money? This jam-packed session describes the pros and cons of various bar layout types, bar structure- including the front and back of the bar, beverage programs, and the impact on revenue and production by station.  Make your client’s dreams come true by designing a bar that is certain to create profitability in any space. 

INTRO BREAKOUT: Mobile Payments and Remote Ordering                                                     
Presenter: Amad
Ebrahimi, Merchant Maverick 

This is a fantastic time to be entering the business world, because business is going to change more in the next 10 years than it has in the last 50.” – Bill Gates 

This statement could not be more true in the foodservice business! We all know technology is constantly evolving and changing to improve the consumer experience. It is imperative that foodservice consultants understand the trends and best practices associated with remote ordering and mobile payments. In this session, Amad Ebrahimi from Merchant Maverick will discuss the remote ordering and mobile payment products available highlighting the details of design, installation, and potential pitfalls.


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