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FCSI The Americas’ Experts Network is the foremost source for thought leadership regarding the present and future of the foodservice industry. Our network of experts regularly submits opinion pieces on important issues impacting foodservice and the millions of jobs and people who depend on it, as well as serving as quotable sources for both industry and mass media articles on the foodservice industry.

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Media Appearances

Jay Bandy, Goliath Consulting Group
The Consultant’s View: Jay Bandy on #givecare, Foodservice Consultant
How to Manage Leases and Landlords in Uncertain Times, FSR Magazine
Inside the Restaurant World’s COVID-19 Response, QSR Magazine

Karen Malody, Culinary Options
Starbucks Turns to Drive-Thru and Pick-ups; Shutters 400 Stores in US and Canada, Foodservice Consultant
25,000 New Jobs at Dunkin’, Foodservice Consultant
Consultative Selling: Salesperson or Trusted Advisor? Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Magazine

Juan Martinez, Profitality
Foodservice by Design, Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Magazine

John Reed, Customized Culinary Solutions
Rebuilding Strategies: The Path Gets Clearer Every Day, Catersource Magazine

Joseph Schumaker, FoodSpace
Ghost Kitchens are a Pandemic Bright Spot – But Will the Uptick Last? Foodservice Consultant

Arlene Spiegel, Arlene Spiegel & Associates
Thomas Keller to Close Hudson Yards Restaurant in New York City, The Wall Street Journal
New York City Restaurants Open Outposts in the Hamptons This Summer, The Wall Street Journal
McSuit: McDonald’s Faces Sexual Harassment Case, Foodservice Consultant
New York City Restaurants Push Forward With Grand Openings Amid Coronavirus, The Wall Street Journal
New Yorkers Hit Their Favorite Restaurants One Last Time, The Wall Street Journal
Low Price Points and Customization Could Boost Snack Sales, Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Magazine

Videos & Podcasts

FCSI Dynamic Design Podcast Series
William Caruso FFCSI (PP), WC & Partners, Inc.
Kristin Sedej, S2O Consultants, Inc.
Joseph Schumaker, FoodSpace
Laura Lentz, Culinary Advisors
Scott Reitano, Reitano Design Group
Christine Guyott, Rippe Associates
Ken Schwartz, SSA Foodservice Consultants

FCSI The Americas
FCSI Worldwide Board’s COVID-19 Roundtable, FCSI Worldwide

Karen Malody, Culinary Options
Ken Schwartz, SSA Foodservice Consultants
Georgie Shockey, Ruck-Shockey Associates

Foodservice Issues for Today and Tomorrow Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Magazine

Karen Malody, Culinary Options
Prepare for the New Front-of-House Reality, Foodservice Equipment Reports

Juan Martinez, Profitality
Drive Thru Top 10 – How to Improve Your Drive Thru Efficiency
Managing Labor During the Crisis and Beyond

Joseph Schumaker, FoodSpace
Launching the FoodSpace Guide to Reopening the Galaxy

Arlene Spiegel, Arlene Spiegel & Associates
COVID-19 – Pivot! Plan! And Persevere!
Back in Business, Instagram Live Discussion

White Papers & Industry Research

FCSI The Americas

Foodservice Industry Survey Summer 2020
The Future of Foodservice Design in a Post-COVID-19 Environment
The Role of Foodservice Management Consulting in the “New Normal”

Envision Strategies
COVID-19 Ideation Resources for College and University Dining

Jay Bandy, Goliath Consulting Group
Restaurant Menu Strategies: Going Forward into 2021
What’s Next? Your Restaurant Business Plan Now and Going into 2021

Lu Schildmeyer, LU S Design Associates
Help for My Restaurant

Books authored by FCSI members

FCSI is proud of its membership and its contributions to the industry.
Design & Layout of Foodservice Facilities
by John C. Birchfield
The Complete Guide to Foodservice in Cultural Institutions
by Arthur Manask & Mitchell Schecter
by Chris Thomas, Edwin Norman & Costas Katsigris

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